Trojan problem

  winksey 12:36 17 Apr 2008

After running AVG free edition it discovered 2 Trojan Downloaders they are Obfuskated which is present 5 times with different file names and Agent AFKA which is present 7 times under the same file name, they are in the virus vault but every time I restart my computer they get picked up again, they are located in C:\program data. i am unable to get rid of them. I am running Vista Home Premium.
I am about to try running AVG in safe mode but I cannot see this resolving the problem.
Is there anyone out there who has had this problem and fixed it or has a solution for me,thanks.

  johnnyrocker 12:38 17 Apr 2008

dont know about vista but in xp it is favourite to do a scan with system restore disabled then re enabled.


  Terry Brown 13:36 17 Apr 2008

Try this Free anti-vius from EMSI . It's good, and only runs when you tell it to. A2free
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  rawprawn 14:13 17 Apr 2008

Try SuperAntispyware click here

  slimk 17:33 17 Apr 2008

Johnnyrocker is right. Your 'System Restore' files will also contain the Trojans. By disabling and then re-enabling you clear those entries. Before you re-enable System Restore run a scan in safe mode. You should be clear.
Another thing is to(if you haven't already) have two accounts on your PC. The administrator should have a different password. The second account should be used for Internet and everything else. This way, if you get another Trojan it cannot make serious system changes due to the account not having Admin privileges.

  winksey 18:08 17 Apr 2008

Thanks to you all, I scanned with AVG in safe mode with system restore disabled, I also deleted the said files in the Program Data Folder, which is a hidden file, scan was clear. I have restarted my computer, run a full scan and re-enabled system restore and all is well. Thanks to everyone again.

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