trojan problem???

  anon1 15:41 28 Dec 2004

I am having a problem on my laptop and really has me beat. I visited a website which it seems had been hijacked. It promptly downloaded 128 items of spyware on my laptop. I removed almost all with spybot,adaware and avg. there is however a continuing problem. I cannot change my screen background. There is a "windows warning" telling me that spyware is installed and that I should click here for removal. Try as much as i can I just cannot remove this. looked just about everywhere i can think of. The only clues I have are exe files that I cannot seem to remove. It is simply called R.exe
I have also noticed that shutdown hangs and a program called DIEmWin is the last one to need shutting down but cannot find any reference to this either on the laptop or the internet

  VoG II 15:45 28 Dec 2004

Try a² click here

  Gongoozler 15:57 28 Dec 2004

R.exe appears to be associated with Backdoor.LoxoScam click here

DIEmWin appears to be an ATI driver file

  anon1 18:20 28 Dec 2004

Didnt find it. This is really a pig think i may have to do a system restore

  anon1 21:40 28 Dec 2004

Eventually got to the bottom of this one. My desktop was hijacked top the point that all I could see was this "windows warning" which of course wasn't the whole screen became a link to a webpage. I followed the link and at the bottom was this apology and a supposed cure called "clean.exe" which of course did nothing. I then went back to the desktop and right clicked the screen and chose properties. This pointed me to where the file was located so I then deleted it. The warning was still there so again a right click and this time chose to view the source. Loads of html but i recognise some of it with my limited knowledge. used notepad to make the changes needed and bingo its gone.

  anon1 21:41 28 Dec 2004

Tried system restore but it wouldn't work (failed due to gremlin). Thanks to those who offered help. Terry

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