B.J. 10:08 23 May 2009

We had a panic last night when my wife was using her lap top....she was doing a search on GOOGLE and she was looking down the list of results and clicking the ones to look at....when suddenly the screen was bombarded with info about TROJAN viruses....a 'Microsoft' warning came up and said all discs were contaminated and 'press here to clean it'. We didn't like the look of it all, so we switched the whole thing off and ran our AVG 8.5....which found nothing. This morning all seems you guys think this was a hoax or for real ?....HOW CAN WE CHECK THAT IT'S CLEAN.....REALLY CLEAN.... B.J.

  User-1229748 10:10 23 May 2009

if you never clicked on anything and switched off you have probably got away with it :o)

  User-1229748 10:15 23 May 2009

just to add you did the right thing by ignoring the fake alert and it won't be the last time you will see fake alerts like that.if you want a scanner to use to get rid of spyware then use thisclick here

  birdface 11:23 23 May 2009

Delete temporary Internet Files thats where they downloaded to when I had the same problem.

  Furkin 15:13 23 May 2009

I had a similar thing this week, also when on Google.
Mine was called PCentre / PRIVACY CENTRE and it just froze the machine up, only allowing you to do the begged for live scan.
I tried to boot in Safe but it was the same.
Luckily, a friend had intalled Linux some time ago, which I have never used.
But it allowed me to get booted & delete the program.
I used SASpyware.

Well done in getting it stopped.

  p;3 21:15 23 May 2009

Apart from avg antivirus 8.5 what other malware finding programs such as malwarebytes and superantispyware have you run yet to check for any infections ?

  lotvic 21:38 23 May 2009

Use System Restore to the previous day.
then as per p;3

Install a free Site Advisor such as WOT click here or MaAfee Free Site Advisor click here
They both mark your google searches with a Green, Yellow or Red so you know before you click on them.

  Rhodie 20:12 26 May 2009

My father has logged on to his computer - operating system windows XP Service pack 3.
As soon as he has logged in it comes up with a screen which states: -
privacy centre
simply one click solution to protect your PC
Database update error
security threat
licence error
Fix all - click here
select application
278 dangerous files & or privacy violations found
security 0%, cookie guarder, secure channel, memory wizard, surf protector.
update Manager licence
when my dad clicked on update manager licence it states: -
cookie guarder turned off - expires - out of date licene data - and then gives a list of charges.
He can't access anything on his computer.
Is this a virus and how can he get rid of it?

  tullie 20:36 26 May 2009

Follow the advice given the thread starter and see how you get on,remember to start your own thread and not hyjack this one,it gets confusing for everyone,good luck.

  Rhodie 21:06 26 May 2009

I didn't hijack this thread - I continued it because it was on the same subject as my problem. Your advise to follw the advice given the thread starter won't work because we can't get on the internet - can't get past the start up screen after logging into windows. Hence my request for other options/advise

  birdface 21:25 26 May 2009

See if you can install is a pay for program but you get a 30 day trial and it will remove anything it may not clear the computer completely but it should allow you to update and run your own security programs.if it asks for a payment just ignore it and carry on with the scan.

click here just a matter of installing it on a Cd or whatever and installing it on the computer.

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