Trojan horse Downloader.Generic6.AEXN

  bluemoon69 18:01 23 Jan 2008

I am using Vista Premium and my anti virus is AVG free 7.5.516
I will run a complete scan and it will find the above virus and it is found in C:\Windows\System32\routing.exe
It says that it was healed, but it isnt, as if you click on the virus it says it is not healable and on doing another scan it pics it up again.
Any help would be most appreciated.

  mfletch 18:08 23 Jan 2008



This will be a running program so do your scans in safe mode,

Also download and do a full scan with SAS Superantispyware,

SAS Free version/ click here


  bluemoon69 18:59 23 Jan 2008

Hi mfletch,
Cheers for your quick reply.
I ran AVG in safe mode and it found healed and deleted the virus.
So fingers crossed everything ok.
As for SAS is that better than Spyware terminator as thats what i have on mine, if so then i will use that instead and remove spy termin.
Also should i just wipe off the virus in virus vault of AVG or just leave them there, not really sure about what to do in the virus vault

Many many thanks, mate.

  p;3 19:05 23 Jan 2008

if you think it IS gone, you may wish also to clear out system restore in case it is lurking in there ?( as some nasties have a habit of sticking there to 'hide')

  bluemoon69 19:13 23 Jan 2008

cheers p:3
But how do i clear out system restore. Please.
I aint too clued up on all that stuff :)
Cheers mate.

  mfletch 19:15 23 Jan 2008

I would wait 3>4 days then if everything is running OK delete them from the Virus Vault,

Right click Delete,

As to your system restore even if the virus has been saved there it cannot get out,

So same as with the Virus Vault wait 3>4 days then turn off your system restore and then turn it back on again,

Any restore point is better than none {even if infected}

Also you can have SAS as well as spyware terminator,


  p;3 19:18 23 Jan 2008

go to start/ all programs /find system restore; open it;see first if it IS turned on ; HAS it got dates IN it to turn back to?they will be in BOLD on the calender you should see if you go to the selection button to ask it to restore to a previous date

see first if it IS turned on?

  bluemoon69 19:18 23 Jan 2008

Thanks thanks and thanks, mfletch
For the quickness of your replies.
So i will wait 3 or 4 days and as you say.
Will also put SAS on my pc too.
Nice one cheers all.

  p;3 19:21 23 Jan 2008

OR to be completley sure , leaving system restore alone pro tempo, you MAY wish to get a health check on either of thee specialist forums click here

or click here

whcih may be a good option for you

  bluemoon69 19:24 23 Jan 2008

Cheers p:3.
will do.
nice one

  bluemoon69 08:33 24 Jan 2008

I have just done another scan, not in safe mood and it is back again.
This is doing my head in as im not that technical.
Anything else i can do.
cheers all.

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