Trojan Horse Dialer

  Sheila-214876 12:56 11 Jan 2004

AVG has just flagged this up as "Virus Detected". It is now in the Virus Vault. McAfee says this is not a virus??? So, what it is then guys?

  Big Elf 13:01 11 Jan 2004

What's the name of the trojan?

  Forum Editor 13:02 11 Jan 2004

and you need to delete it. When you say AVG detected it, but McAfee say it isn't a virus - are you saying that you're running both programs on your computer? You should only ever run one anti-virus application.

There are numerous dialers around - all of them undesirable - and you want this one off your machine.

  woodchip 13:03 11 Jan 2004

A Trojen is not a Virus but can carry a Virus, or it's ET phone home with info on what's on your computer. Check in MSCONFIG at Start/Run type MSCONFIG look in the startup tab for the Dialer remove the tick

  Big Elf 13:06 11 Jan 2004

If it's in the Virus Vault doesn't that mean its been removed?

  woodchip 13:09 11 Jan 2004

A Virus multiplies, hence the term virus a Trojan does not multiply it comes from the troy legend a wooden horse to gain entry so that others can do damage

  Forum Editor 13:10 11 Jan 2004

It's not the same thing. The virus vault, or quarantine, or whatever the anti-virus software calls it, doesn't delete the file until you tell it to.

  Big Elf 13:12 11 Jan 2004

Thanks. But to clarify does that mean that the dialer can still run?

  Sheila-214876 13:15 11 Jan 2004

FE No, I am only running AVG. No other anti virus programmes. I go to click here and click on Virus Information to get the information and "how to remove it" instructions. AVG reports it as "Trojan Horse Dialer" McAfee says it is some sort of automatic dialer to porn sites. I assume that to be at astronomical rates? I am on Broadband so obviously do not use a dialer, but will that still affect me. As Big Elf says if it is in the Virus Vault has it been removed?

  Big Elf 13:26 11 Jan 2004

I've read that with broadband that you're not at risk because, as you say, you don't use a dialer.

  Sheila-214876 13:29 11 Jan 2004

I use PowerDesk 5.0 instead of Windows Explorer and have just found a folder C:\$vault$.avg inside which is a file 00000005.fil I have now deleted it. Hopefully this has got rid of "dialer"???

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