trojan horse - banking compromised

  deneka 11:10 22 Feb 2007

Having bigger problems than I thought. As mentioned in my other thread on here have had problems with pop ups advising me of runtime errors.

This morning my bank called me and said that I have a trojan horse on my pc and that my internet banking had been compromised, they have cancelled my debit card and internet banking until i get my pc sorted out basically.

so i have no idea what to do now. i have AVG free edition on my pc and i've run this and it doesn't find any viruses let alone trojan viruses!!!

Can anyone help me please? they said that i won't be able to access internet banking until i get this problem sorted out. At first i thought was a scam as didn't see how the bank had this information & i didn't but i checked and it is genuine, i've also had to go through cancelling my credit card and another current account i have aswell.

Thanks in advance.

oh btw just called a pc shop and they want £40 p/hr + VAT to wipe my hard drive and reinstall it all as if it was new & said would cost me around £80 and that I should also buy Norton antivirus 2007 aswell.

  jimv7 11:13 22 Feb 2007

Download and update before running A2 click here

Spybot click here

  rawprawn 11:15 22 Feb 2007

"This morning my bank called me and said that I have a trojan horse on my pc and that my internet banking had been compromised",

Are you sure it was your bank?? How on earth can they tell if there is a trojan on your machine??

have you called the bank back to confirm it was them who called you?

my thoughts exactly!

  rawprawn 11:16 22 Feb 2007

click here
Download and run this.

  silverous 11:17 22 Feb 2007

I haven't heard of banks doing that before. Unless of course there are blanks you haven't filled in. If they advised you there had been suspicious activity on your account and you confirmed it wasn't you, and you are sure it was your bank, then maybe they said "it was probably a trojan".

Can you tell us a bit more about the conversation?

  deneka 11:23 22 Feb 2007

Yes I called my bank back after the phone call and rang their main telephone number (as when they called me it came up witheld on my phone) they didn't ask me for any details just advised what had happened but when I called my bank they told me it was genuine & I spoke to their debit card services department and also the online banking department and fraud prevention department aswell.

I was very suspicious myself when they initially called, but they confirmed when I rang back on correct telephone number that it is genuine. I don't know how they found out about this & I had no idea myself.

I have spybot on my pc already and asquared, something someone told me in another thread i have on here about problems with IE to d/l and i did all this y/day. I also have ad-aware & AVG aswell.

I just don't know what to do now, I don't know how to completely clean the pc.

  rawprawn 11:34 22 Feb 2007

There is a new hack which was reported in the Yorkshire post and the Daily Telegraph yesterday called "Driveby Pharming" it may be worth a look.
click here
and click here

  rawprawn 11:37 22 Feb 2007
  silverous 11:38 22 Feb 2007

It would be nice if they advised how they knew you had a trojan and what prompted them to call you.

Run several different virus programs and anti-malware programs on it - there isn't much more you can do. If they can advise how they knew it might help.

Do you have anything for anti-phishing installed? Have you clicked on any links in emails recently relating to banking?

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