trojan horse

  karmgord 19:08 01 Mar 2005

despite having up to date anti virus (avg 7.0 pro) and upto date firewall (zonealarm pro) i got a trojan ,back agent,how and where did it get through? Avg detected and removed it, has anyone got any tips for future protection?

  alan227 19:34 01 Mar 2005

If you are running windows XP or ME, it could be hiding in a system restore point.
Have you tried switching system Restore of then rescanning.

  stalion 19:43 01 Mar 2005

seeing as Avg detected and removed the trojan it's doing what you want.It is not possible to be 100% safe from viruses,trojans etc the main thing is to keep all your protection updated.

  Jak_1 20:32 01 Mar 2005

It will have come from an infected web page, by default to surf the net you need your browser open! Firewalls do not stop Trojans and viruses, that is the job of your av, which worked. What your firewall will do is prevent the Trojan from gaining access to the net giving it's owner your information etc.

The only secure method of not getting infected by an infected web page is by not going on the net! But that defeats the object. Surfice to say you av did what it was supposed to do and shows that you are security concious on the net by it being up to date. I have lost track of the number of Trojans I have been infected with and AVG has been able to deal with them all.

Trjans, like viruses, are an embugerance that we have to put up with from time to time but you have the right programs to deal with them as you have shown.

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