Trojan Help Required Urgently!!!

  pugsymalone 12:50 17 Nov 2006

Serious help Required here!

Last night on a work PC I clicked on a link contained in a Spam message. Stupid move, I know! Anyway the PC is not herself at all today. First of all the internet browser will not display the home page – instead I get a page saying my PC is under threat and I should download this or that software. Also there is a peculiar new toolbar residing below the address bar. Then I keep getting this bubble “System Alert: Malware threats” Apparently there is a malicious Trojan now on the PC. The most worrying thing though, is all of the un-prompted pop-ups I keep getting-some containing nude images which are not what I want especially in an open plan office!!

Can anyone help me out here? How do I get rid of this software and get back to normal?

Many thanks in advance.

  recap 12:55 17 Nov 2006

Update and run the antivirus software thats on the computer.

Do not click any of the links even to close them down. To close them down: Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Delete and choose Task Manager then End Task of the appropriate program.

  anskyber 12:57 17 Nov 2006
  brundle 12:59 17 Nov 2006

Ctrl+W to close popup windows ;)
Antispyware to try; click here

Recommend AVG, Spybot, Spywareblaster, Windows Defender. Keep Spywareblaster and one other app on the machine once installed and scans run to reduce future risks.

  pugsymalone 18:02 17 Nov 2006

anskyber - I tried to go through that process (its quite long!) .. anyway I dont have administrator rights to this PC so I cant complete the process .. any other ideas? I am running several anti spyware programmes now ..

  wjrt 18:10 17 Nov 2006

if you find something mebbe here will help

click here

  p;3 18:29 17 Nov 2006

if it will let you , you could register with this site

click here and create a log for analysis from this link

click here ( this link goes straight to the exe of the HJT program)
; I do not envy you in an open plan office with nude and other inappropriate images appearing ::))

however, I suspect that the Admin within your office set up may have to come to your assistance and clean the machine

maybe this proves that it is never safe to click on a spam message let alone any attachements but just chuck them in the bin

  p;3 18:32 17 Nov 2006

also; if it is a works machine, why did the av on it not throw up a warning ; and are you on a network or stand alone machine?

  Wak 20:14 17 Nov 2006

You could try downloading BAZOOKA from click here
If it is a trojan this site may also give you manual instructions for it's removal.

  lotvic 20:26 17 Nov 2006

Report it immediately to the IT dept at work. Do not attempt to 'clean' it yourself.
It is far better to own up to one silly mistake (clicking on the link) than having to admit you have brought down the whole system and compromised company security as well.
Leave well alone and report it to the relevant person at work.

  p;3 21:15 17 Nov 2006

if it is a works PC I think you will be unable to download anything as you will have limited access to it; I presume the computer in question has been turned off?

as Lotvic says, it is far better to quickly own up to your I.T. dept and switch off the pc than to play dumb and try and ignore it or cover it up; of interest, a networked system I can log into was recently completely off line (unfortunately in a very busy NHS site)because someone has managed to , I beleive, open a link in an infected mail ; the entire computer system was off line for a complete clean , disinfect and reboot for an uncomfortably long time ;

where I work we are TOLD to own up INSTANTLY if we do inadvertantly click on an infection or if we go to a porn site by mistake so that speedy measures can be taken to prevent a major infection spreading

please do not be ashamed and please tell your IT dept quickly as, as stated above, system security is also at risk

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