Is Trojan generic -r.BOE nasty?

  Ankermi31 11:01 13 Jan 2013

Windows 7. running AVG Internet Security and C.Cleaner. Have swept with Spyboot (clear) before posting.

On a designated laptop (not this one)AVG found Trojan Horse Generic-r.BOE. Fourteen incidents. Then it shows two as removed with 12 remaining.

Do I assume that this means ALL 14 have gone?

The laptop is appearing a bit unstable in that my AVG Taskbar icon is disappearing, then I get up warnings that IE and Explorer are not responding (have sent reports off to M/S re this - no response) also a couple of boxes to say .....cannot copy to memory (unfortunately they came and went too quickly to copy).

Any helpful guidance please?

  nickf 11:34 13 Jan 2013

All Trojans are nasty , always remove all .

  Ankermi31 12:46 13 Jan 2013

OK then tell me how as I cannot find anything to help aby suggestions

  rdave13 14:15 13 Jan 2013

Try running AVG in safe mode. Check again in normal mode if gone. Unfortunately these Trojans can hide in your restore points so IF you're confident these Trojans have gone you will need to shut off system restore, reboot and turn on system restore again. Don't shut of system restore until you get rid of the Trojan.

You should also run the free version of Malwarebytes in safe mode and normal mode. After installing remember to update and refuse the pro trial.

SAS free is another good program to run in safe mode.


  lotvic 18:11 13 Jan 2013

MS don't respond to you re: error reports. What they seem to do is when enough error reports are received which highlight the same bug/error they come up with a (knowledge base) kb 'hotfix' to fix the issue.

  Ankermi31 09:02 14 Jan 2013

rdave13 Thanks your reply. As I am not tech minded and am not sure how to get into Safe Mode and definately what to do even if I got into it and of course, more importantly how to come back out again! Sorry but I am quite elderly and although I have used PCA for over 8 years I still get in a muddle.

However I downloaded Malwarebytes. I then re-ran AVG and everything popped up again. I then ran full scan with Malwarebytes and it came up with 3 trojans which I deleted. Ran AVG again and everything came back clean. Fingers crossed at the moment, though when I looked at my hard disk it seems to have suddenly jumped its useage from 34MG to 40MG. So will run disk clean up and defrag it.

  Ankermi31 09:05 14 Jan 2013

Morning lotvic

Am surprised at this as generally when I send to M/S I have 95% of the time received a response page to go to. But as you say maybe they have not received enough reports to warrant mine.

Anyway will give the laptop a whirl around the world later this morning and see what happens.

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