Trojan found and quarantined but...

  toadoftoadhall 00:55 09 Jun 2004
Locked CPU is still working at 100% constantly.

I just updated my Norton Anti virus software, did a scan and found I had a Trojan called KeyPress.dll. This has been quarantined.
I also notice on booting up that I get a DOS window open up with the program name MATCLI.

There is another thread in here about MATCLI which says its a Compaq program for reporting on that brand of computer. It did say say how to remove it, but it's kinda over my head. Having said that, if it's just a bit of Compaq spyware, I'm not sure it's the cause of the problem.

My computer is getting slower and slower by the minute and is freezing up for several seconds at a time now. System monitor shows my CPU working at 100% constantly.

Can anyone help?

I'm running Win 98 on a PIII 500. NAV and ZA firewall.


  hugh-265156 01:07 09 Jun 2004

do you use teamspeak?

some AV programs apparantly get a false positive with this reporting it as a trojan.

see click here and bottom of page click here

  toadoftoadhall 01:37 09 Jun 2004

Thanks huggy. But can anyone tell me if MACLI is whats causing my CPU to run at 100%?

  toadoftoadhall 01:37 09 Jun 2004

Thanks huggy. But can anyone tell me if MACLI is whats causing my CPU to run at 100%?

  spuds 11:27 09 Jun 2004

The other thread click here

Checking other forums, it was suggested that running Adaware and SpyBot may help.

  toadoftoadhall 02:31 11 Jun 2004

Thanks for the advice huggy and spuds - I've installed and run spybot and adaware and got rid of numerous spyware files, but after all that my processor is still running at 100% constantly.

My computer works fine, but I read somewhere that running at 100% constantly will burn out the processor in a short time if I dont do something about it. Is that true, and if so has anyone got any idea what I can do about it?


  nyleridedog 02:40 11 Jun 2004

matcli is a file in many programs, much like the compaq reporting tool

blueyonder instant support tool! it often throws matcli up
also ntl braodband medic, and any other companys idea of a support tool/assistant!

  Dan the Confused 04:11 11 Jun 2004

To find what's causing the 100% CPU usage press ctrl-alt-del to bring up the background processes window. One at a time highlight an entry and click 'End Task' then check CPU usage. By process of elimination you will find what is causing it (hopefully). Don't end Explorer or Systray though as these are required by Windows.

Once you have found the process you can stop it loading on bootup by clicking START>RUN and typing MSCONFIG (press enter) then click on the Startup tab in the window that appears and unchecking the required entry. Then reboot.

  toadoftoadhall 04:26 11 Jun 2004 the Trojan issue is long gone now and the title was misleading.
Dan - Thanks for the reply. I've done as you suggested and have got right down to Systray and Explorer yet the CPU is still running at 100%.
I'm at a loss as to what else to try.

  Dan the Confused 04:30 11 Jun 2004

Ok, close this thread to avoid confusion.

  hugh-265156 10:25 11 Jun 2004

the cpu is always running at 100% even when its doing nothing.this will be listed in task manager/processes as 'system idle process'

is this what you mean? if not what process does it say is using the cpu time?

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