golfpro 09:50 22 Nov 2004

I opened I/E this morning, and got a pop-up to download "New free software" From Internet Explorer. When I tried to cancel it I couldn't. somehow it got in to my computer I ran Norton A/V and it picked up 10 trojans instaled. A name on one "byteverify" does anyone know of this.
I managed to isolate and delete the ofending items (I think) through Norton. but I am now afraid to open I/E in case it appeares again. I am running this through Opera.

  MichelleC 11:09 22 Nov 2004

Have you got a firewall?

  ianeon 11:10 22 Nov 2004

click here go here and this will tell you all about this trojan

  golfpro 11:39 22 Nov 2004

I use the M/S firewall, and I managed to read a bit about it on the web.
Just a word of warning in case someone else gets this pop-up, DON'T try to delete it by clicking on the red cross, it just installs the damm thing.

  Dan the Confused 12:08 22 Nov 2004

Have you checked for spyware?

Ad-aware SE click here

Spybot S&D click here

Run this too, Ewido (free version) click here

If no joy, then run Startup Inspector click here and remove any bad entries. Then run BHODemon click here and remove any bad entries.

  golfpro 12:39 22 Nov 2004

Thanks all, it looks like Norton managed to clear the problem, I haven't tried a new boot up yet, but the computer is behaving itself at the moment.

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