Trogan ................

  gatepost 01:39 07 Jan 2003
  gatepost 01:39 07 Jan 2003

I picked up a Trogan downloader virus ( curse of Kazaa!!!)ran AVG and placed it into the vault!!
After rebooting, I tried to search for files and the system froze several times. I then decided to GoBack to the previous day, and now all seems well........!!!! far!
Did I do the right thing?
....where is the virus?

Thanks for any help!

  wawadave 02:05 07 Jan 2003

to be safe run online virus scan at panda anti virur.
and d/l spybot-search and desteroy,update it and run it.
you might allso want to d/l a trial verion of trojan hunter
have a grate day.

  Mac & Beth 08:29 07 Jan 2003

If you have used GoBack to go to before you got the virus its now gone.

  Andsome 08:34 07 Jan 2003

Why do people use site like Kazaa? I must admit to knowing nothing about it, other than that there seems to be an awful lot of postings concerning problems with it.

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