A trivial quirk using HP2055d printer

  Diemmess 11:45 07 Dec 2010

Have had this printer for some time now and it does exactly what I want i.e. Fast, no bother with paper handling high quality print, ........ except for A5 printing.

(The print at this size is very good indeed perhaps even better than the usual A4)

What puzzles me is that having selected A5 it prints at a much slower speed with less noise, almost as if it felt it had to be specially careful with this one!

There must be some box in the depths of "Preferences" which is ticked or not ticked, but I don't see it?

  morddwyd 21:05 07 Dec 2010

My printer does much the same, particularly noticeable when changing size on copying.

I suspect the default is A4, and anything different requires extra, therefore slower, processing

  woodchip 21:24 07 Dec 2010

It may be as that's about photo size, and may default to photo settings. Les noise as its not doing as much work banging back and forth across the page

  Diemmess 10:51 08 Dec 2010

Most of my printing is mono. Village magazine and various secretarial responsibilities so a laser makes sense.
The old Epson 870 colour, comes out of the cupboard every other week or so for a photo etc.

I bought this printer (its a Laser woodchip!)because a cheaper Epson laser had become very choosy and wasteful over paper handling.

When there's serious printing to be done, the laser can rattle off crisp pages at one every two seconds except for complex files and this A5 problem.

Its only a matter of speed, I'm splitting hairs I know, but I am curious and would like a rational explanation.

  Woolwell 11:33 08 Dec 2010

Sorry to go off topic but where do you get your A5 paper?

  Diemmess 11:42 08 Dec 2010

Use a trimmer on standard A4 paper
Or start with "Class C paper" ie a flyer fom somewhere already written on one side.......
there's economy for you!

  Woolwell 12:16 08 Dec 2010

I already use a trimmer. I don't get enough flyers for that!

  Diemmess 15:05 08 Dec 2010

Sorry I meant A4 flyers and obsolete documents like insurance and how to join something or become rich enough to buy a ream of the proper stuff.

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