Triple-monitor (mismatched) setup for high settings gaming - help!

  Billy_Pilgrim 07:39 17 Mar 2014

I'm planning on buying a powerful PC for triple monitor gaming. I want to play at high framerates on max settings (driving sims mostly, Project CARS, Assetto Corsa). I've been planning on using two GTX 780s in SLI.

However, for a variety of reasons, I want to keep the 46" plasma TV I have and add two screens on either side (those screens would be best at 27" in portrait - an almost perfect fit, in fact). With the peripheral monitors in portrait, I guess that's a 4080 x 1080 resolution across the three monitors (1080 + 1920 + 1080 = 4080). The peripheral monitors could go in landscape but that's not ideal.

So I'm hoping to use mismatched monitors. I've understood that you can use mismatched monitors with GPUs in SLI, but they have to have the same resolution, refresh rate, and sync polarity. I'm thinking this won't be possible for me as it's pretty much impossible to get info on what sync polarity a monitor has. And the plasma is reportedly 600hz - that'll be hard to match too.

How can I get around the same-resolution, refresh-rate, sync-polarity problem when using GPUs in SLI? Has anyone got an idea?

Any help will be much appreciated.

  Billy_Pilgrim 11:27 17 Mar 2014

How about using a GTX Titan Black instead of the two GTX 780s in SLI?

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