Trigem Cognac motherboard BIOS updates...

  NinkyRudes 23:38 15 Feb 2003

I run an old Emachines 700Mhz Celeron, which uses a 'Cognac' motherboard, presumably manufactured by the Korean company TriGem, who were responsible for putting together Emachines at the time of my purchase.

The problem is this: the BIOS is far too simple! There are minimal options, making it impossible to disable the AC97 onboard sound, or the Intel 810 graphics controller. Not only that, but there are no bus speed adjusters or anything else of much use, other than the most basic drive/display/time/date options found on PCs 10 years ago.

Is there some kind of a safe (i.e. tested) flash upgrade which might allow me to tweak with some more settings? If so, where the hell might I find it???

  grove34 23:43 15 Feb 2003

i'm sure there are some jumpers on the board to disable ac97 and 810 graphics.

there should be a sticker with a jumper map on it just on the inside of the case.

  NinkyRudes 00:00 16 Feb 2003

I have a downloaded manual, which I think has info on how to do this, but I want to change the BIOS anyway. I have read that some HP Pavilion PC's used the very same motherboard (see click here), and have sourced a download for the HP BIOS upgrade.

I'd like to tinker, but I need to know whether I have any chance of using my PC again after the flash, because although it is a second system, I have it hooked up to a home network with my two housemates and it is a worthy wordprocessor/surfer/old skool gamer.

Anyone got any experience in BIOS upgrades?

  NinkyRudes 00:40 16 Feb 2003

If it helps anyone, the mobo uses PhoenixBios. Not sure what version or how to tell.

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