tried for ten hours , need some help

  jade25 19:54 10 Jul 2007

I have two groups and teach online so need a email account for every day, with this new pc and isp and vista l picked first yahoo but because they gave me account which now they say you cannot use with groups but then everytime l went near anything yahoo even searches l got a square picture and saying under it that l was now availble all over the web in chat groups ect, l have never wanted to go in a chat group, haven't the time and don't want to.
This square picture l could not get away from so got a google email account and it seemed fine butfrom today everytime l entered a email address in my contact list it would not let me and a firefox long strip comes up saying it won't work with a pop up blocker so took the blocker of firefox of but it did not change anything, took temp files and cookies of but still am at the same position and classes were due out yesterday so need to get in touch with students.
Would you tell me of an easy email that l could use.
Have been sat here since 8.30 this morning and am not any further but if the classes don't go out it will cost me a lot in cash and l always say anyone can get in touch if there stuck.

  PalaeoBill 20:42 10 Jul 2007

If your ISP provides an e-mail account, just set up a mail program like Microsoft Outlook or Outlook express with the relevant POP3/SMTP or IMAP addresses. You can the set up your groups within the mail program and do bulk postings.

If your ISP doesn't provide an e-mail account you are going to struggle to get the free webmail accounts like Yahoo & Google to do what you want.

You could pay for something like Yahoo's Mail Plus and then use Outlook rather than webmail. The annual subscription is not huge. Or, you could use a free SMTP server for sending your group mails out and just use webmail to check for incomming mail:

click here

  PalaeoBill 20:44 10 Jul 2007

Or 'incoming' even. Sorry!

  Technotiger 20:58 10 Jul 2007

Or you could try Incredimail - I and all my friends use Incredimail, both in UK and abroad.

  Technotiger 21:00 10 Jul 2007

At least one of my friends who uses Incredimail is also using a new PC with Vista.

  Mac70 21:08 10 Jul 2007

Have you read the Licence agreement for Incredimail? I wouldnt want that on my pc.

  Technotiger 21:29 10 Jul 2007

I have been using Incredimail Premium/Gold version for many years, I used to be a beta-tester for it when it first appeared. Neither I nor any of my friends have had any problems with Incredimail's licence agreement. We all simply enjoy using Incredimail.

  jade25 21:46 10 Jul 2007

I didn't know there was a Incredimail email and this afternoon was seaching all over. Am not a fan of outlook and have had an account for a long while with yahoo but with new pc they said l didn't exsist.
When yahoo started up with this picture saying l was availble all over yahoo and it faded out the website l was on and you couldn't get away from it unless you clicked continuee which l wasn't going to. My isp is madasafish and they have a email but its very small and you cannot set it higher and such things as saving folders are not around so there very basic for email, thank you all so much, am going to have a look at these, its going to be a long day today and battling with vista is not easy. When this yahoo thing was on l tried to do system restore and pressed all right buttons and it said it was starting but nothing happened so thats something l don't fancy not having but you get a screen to install and pick the date then another comes on straight away with nothing on it and it says finish, thanks again
Knew l should hae come here first instead of sitting here,

  jade25 21:50 10 Jul 2007

I am not to keen on the agreement but its maybe as things have been a bit scary today, anyone heard of britpost email

  Technotiger 21:52 10 Jul 2007

Incredimail Free from click here

  Technotiger 21:57 10 Jul 2007

Incredimail Agreement - comparing it to driving your own car, you are far more likely to have serious trouble when in your car, than you are ever likely to have with the Incredimail Agreement.

As I said, I and all my friends and relatives are very happy with Incredimail. Scaremongering has no place in our lives!

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