Tried 2 routers, still have internet issues

  Dawid 08:09 04 Mar 2006

Hello everyone, I bought a Linksys WRT54G router, with a BT Voyager 1040 wireless card, and the internet after a few hours would slow to a crawl, they said it might be a conflict with the card, and sent me a new router.

I'm now using a Netgear WGT624 wireless router, and my internet is fine, aside from the fact that if I try opening some pages, the router will stop, and seems the connection goes dead, then after a bit it will work fine again.

Also, my housemate upstairs is connected to it by a cable, hes experiencing slow internet while mine works great. Could it be my wireless card? I'm fresh out of ideas so any help would most appriciated.


  keewaa 10:30 04 Mar 2006

Are you on adsl or cable broadband? You could try changing the mtu setting within the router to 1400. How do the lights on the modem and router behave ?

  Dawid 19:15 04 Mar 2006

Hey there, its a cable connection, I tried changing it to 1400 but no luck, and the lights are just blinking like mad, any other ideas?

  keewaa 10:50 05 Mar 2006

Sounds like it is the adsl signal causing the problem as the adsl light would be on if it was a constant signal.

All telecoms devices must be microfiltered or they will interfere with the broadband signal. ALL phones, faxes, answer machines, sky box, house alarm etc. Poor quality microfilters, poor telephone extension cabling or DIY connections, loose plugs or sockets can all cause signal problems.

Maybe it is poor quality telephone wiring within the house.

  Dawid 10:55 05 Mar 2006

Only problem is its cable broadband, not adsl.

  keewaa 11:17 05 Mar 2006

Ok well ring them as some of the lights on the modem should settle - if they don't settle, it is not your problem - it is a problem with the signal coming into the house or the modem is broken.

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