Trials and tribulations with IE9

  sydsnott 01:07 04 Jul 2014

  sydsnott 01:22 04 Jul 2014

Sorry 'bout that! I'm using Vista and my problems with IE9 started a couple of days ago with my Logitech mouse unable to "Centre Click" on the buttons in the favorites bar, also unable to centre click in the Favorites lists and the history lists.

Elsewhere in the browser window, centre clicking works just fine and opens the selected link in a new tab. "Microsoft help" suggested that I "Clean Boot" and try once more....that worked! Centre clicking on any links at all had the desired effect.

I felt this vindicated my "Setpoint" software and also my mouse's hardware, and seemed to point to a software conflict, but I have not inatalled any new software for months.

My suspicion turned to a possible corruption in IE9, but "Microsoft Help" have not responded!

Today, I find that I am unable to access my main Youtube account, I get sent to the "Oops something went wrong" page that refers me to a Microsoft W7 page which suggests that cookies might be being blocked... I've followed their instructions and listed YouTube to be allowed cookies but still I get sent to the naughty step!

Can someone help me please?

  sydsnott 01:27 04 Jul 2014

Just thinking, since I have tried to access my YouTube account in Chrome and FF with the same result, so it's not just IE9 that's the problem.

  sydsnott 11:51 04 Jul 2014

Aparently I'm not alone in suffering this YouTube malfunction. There is a thread on Google help forums so I'll give up on this thread!

  Jollyjohn 12:38 04 Jul 2014

Can I suggest you try Firefox as your browser.

I have had lots of issues with IE9 on Vista and Vista doesn't support a newer version. Many of the issues were resolved using an alternative browser.

  sydsnott 13:36 04 Jul 2014

Hi Jollyjohn, Mouse works fine in both FF and Chrome, so I concur with your view in that regard. The YouTube issue it appears is a global one from the variety of names in the Google help thread. So it's surprising that no one else here seems to be affected.

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