TR/FAkeAV.AM Virus or something

  second best 12:11 18 Sep 2008

Hi. Not sure where this come in, but i remember a request last night to block svchost.exe from Avira anti v. I said keep blocking, and now i have this problem of anitvirus xp 2008. Done a search using Avira, and it's found a couple, mainly this TRFakeAV.AM. I have quarantined and deleted, but it keep coming back at startup. Also my firewall is turned off at each startup. Scanning now in safe mode. IT has been freezing up though.

I used to be able to sort things like this, but my machine has been stable for over 2 years. I've forgotten most of what i knew.

Pavillion laptop tunning xp home sp3.

spybot, adare, Avira running.


  second best 12:12 18 Sep 2008

Oh, and added to this, a google hijack it seems. all links in google redirect to random other sites.

  provider 2 12:23 18 Sep 2008

Some information. Read through before choosing removal method, though. It may be more difficult to remove than you might think:

click here

Also, SpywareBlaster (too late now) can stop things like this.

  kalignorgna 12:43 18 Sep 2008

have you checked the startup folder in all users for any new programs that start on boot

  second best 12:47 18 Sep 2008

none of the link appear to work in my browser, provider. I think it has something to do with the hijacker, possibly?

Yeah, i have just checked the startup folder, nothing unusual there. thanks.

  provider 2 13:01 18 Sep 2008


Can you access this site: click here

If not, then I suggest the Malware Removal forum and a HiJack This log ... which you may have had to use anyway if the MalwareBytes removal tool didn`t do the job of removing it.

  provider 2 13:03 18 Sep 2008

Forgot to add: don`t pay for anything yet.

  second best 13:08 18 Sep 2008

nope, that didn't work either. I had to type the pc advisor add directly into eplorer. link from google redirected me elswehre seemingly at random.

i'll keep trying. avira just foud another virus/trojan another TR/ or similar.

  provider 2 13:15 18 Sep 2008

second best,

Looks as if you`ve hit a real cracker! Can you access this site: click here

I doubt if you are going to be able to remove it by any means other than specialist help.

  provider 2 13:20 18 Sep 2008

In the meantime if you can download SUPERAntispyware free and run it , this may give you back some functionality.

click here

  second best 13:42 18 Sep 2008

haha, nope, none of the links work. funny that.

Thanks for your help for now provider. i'll see what i can do next. :(

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