TrendNet Usb Adapter

  ScooterWomyn 02:28 22 Feb 2006

I have installed Trendnet's wireless usb adapter (TEW-424UB) to a Win98 desktop. I am running another desktop as the host computer and it is using Win98 and a DI-624 (Dlink) wireless router. Also on network is a laptop.

I have installed the newest drivers, set up the Inter Connection Service and all TCP/IP necessities.

My router recognizes this computer and I get signal strength but the is no internet active.

I have 128-bit Network key on this system.

Could someone suggest why the internet is not working with this setup?

  mgmcc 08:48 22 Feb 2006

If you are using a router, there is no "host" computer and you *DO NOT* enable Internet Connection Sharing on any connection in any PC.

The router connects directly to the ISP, all networked computers get their internet access over the LAN from the router and all have an equal status in the network.

  ScooterWomyn 18:52 22 Feb 2006

I have uninstalled ICS. I made sure the TCP/IP settings for the USB were set to obtain ip address automatically.

At the command prompt I do IPCONFIG and I get back the same address as my wireless laptop which is not the host computer. I can ping that address and the host address and get a response.

I try pinging yahoo or msn or any other website and I get nothing. Cannot find server.

Could the 128 encryption key be blocking access? The host computer shows that the desktop is connected via the router menu.

My router is a Dlink 624.

  mgmcc 19:40 22 Feb 2006

<<<< At the command prompt I do IPCONFIG and I get back the same address as my wireless laptop which is not the host computer. >>>

There is no *HOST* computer, the *ROUTER* is in effect hosting the internet connections. What are the IP addresses of the Router, the PC and the Laptop?

  ScooterWomyn 21:33 22 Feb 2006

Router is
Laptop is
PC has been set to by hand because, when it tries to obtain the ip automatically it conflicts with laptop and tries to take .102 which causes the blue screen of death.

Should I have a Static or Dynamic DHCP for the PC via the router settings menu?

  mgmcc 08:59 23 Feb 2006

<<< Should I have a Static or Dynamic DHCP for the PC via the router settings menu? >>>

If you are asking what I think you are asking, i.e. should the router allocate IP addresses by DHCP on a "first come, first served" basis or should it always allocate the same address to the same computer, I would suggest the first option. That should prevent an IP conflict where two PCs are trying to use the same address which, in your case, was the '102' address.

Try booting the laptop, opening a Command Prompt window and running:


This should release the IP addresses of all adapters and set them to

Now boot the PC, set it to get its IP address automatically again and see what address it gets. If it gets go back to the laptop and run:


This will force it to renew its address and it should then get an address other than "102".

  ScooterWomyn 21:21 27 Feb 2006

Well I tried everyting with he wireless adapter and still could not get onto the internet. So I went out and bought a network card, installed it and cabled that computer to the router.

I can still ping the other computers on the network but I still CAN'T get on the internet! I don't understand why this is not working when it should be.

  keewaa 22:09 27 Feb 2006

Have you checked control panel - Internet Options - connection ; that never dial a connection is set, and there aren't any unusual LAN settings?

  ScooterWomyn 04:33 28 Feb 2006

Yes, I've done that.

I know that dial up works just not broadband. At wit's end here.

Was debating whether to wipe the hard drive and re-install Win98.

  keewaa 10:05 28 Feb 2006

Have you tested with all security disables ... no WEP, check no MAC or IP filtering, no software firewalls.

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