Trend Micro Internet Security 2007 and Spybot

  Dumble452 11:27 03 Feb 2007

I'm not sure if I should post this on here or on the consumerwatch forum.

I've been having problems with my computer being very sluggish ever since I updated from Internet Security 2006 to 2007.

When I contacted Trend they asked me to download and run AIDA and forward the report to them. Their response was then as follows:

"I have looked through your AIDA file report and found the following.

- Windows Defender
- Spyware Guard
- Spyware blaster
- Spyware search and destroy

All of the above will conflict with PC-Cillin. The reason for this is that the
only way for PC-cillin to implement the best protection possible was to create a
Real Time Spyware Scan engine, this mean that you cannot run another Antispyware
at all

Sorry for the inconvenience but It is a Windows Limitation, as 2 files cannot be
examined by the a Similar Module at the same Time

So you cannot run 2 Antispyware, the free version of Lavasoft Adware is the only
Antispyware that has been reported to work, however PC-cillin should be turned
off during the Scan for Spyware, in my experience PC-cillin detects more anyway

Also You are running IE7 please make sure the antiphishing feature is disabled.
In addition to this please make sure the Yahoo toolbar has no anti-spyware
features running."

I've removed the Yahoo toolbar which got on my machine as part of some other software installation, CCleaner I think.

More research found this: click here

I've used the Trend solution and removed Spybot Search and Destroy and the situation seems better.

I am reluctant to remove the other items, but I suppose at the end of the day I will have little choice if I want to keep Trend Micro Internet Security which I have paid for. I've always been happy with it in the past and prefer it to Norton or McAfee. Personal choice I know.

  gudgulf 12:21 03 Feb 2007

There seems to be a trend (excuse the pun) for internet security suites to demand being the only antimalware you use recently......Norton IS2007 does the same.

However they may have a point about software conflicts,but i don't agree with the view about scanning files at the same time with more than one application.

Lets start with Spybot S&D......the only real time scanner that has is it's Tea Timer registry monitor.Not enabled by default.

Spybot blocks things by inactive registry entries,as does SpywareBlaster (which has no active monitoring).

Spyware Gaurd does use active real time file monitoring and so does windows defender.

I recently removed Defender from my system and noticed a small improvement in speed...replaced it with Spyware Terminator which suites my needs much better and with no performance hit.

You could try removing all the programs mentioned by Trend.Then reinstall your Trend 2007 suite.

The reason for this being rhat one of your real time scanners may have interfered with the original installation.

Then reinstall your additional programs one at a time to see which ,if any is clashing with Trend.

With Spybot don't activate Tea Timer (if you use it) at first.

My gut instinct is the likely culprits are Windows Defender and maybe Spyware Guard.

  beynac 15:48 03 Feb 2007

It's mainly the "immunization" feature in Spybot which causes the problem for PC-cillin. See this link for further details: click here

  Dumble452 20:49 03 Feb 2007

At least the problem persuaded me to buy some more RAM before I found the link, but that's a separate story. Anyway, now back to speed. Thanks

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