trend housecall problems;anyone else?

  p;3 22:24 12 Sep 2006

I have asked this elsewhere but am wondering if anyone on this forum has had similar problems

having previously managed to run the trend scan with no problems, I have now come to a halt and am unable to load or run the scan; I am in the UK and have given up trying for the time being;(using win 98se and ie6) however, I am wondering if anyone else has recently tried to load/run it and had similar problems?

I am wondering if the program has hit another glitch ?

  skidzy 22:27 12 Sep 2006

p;3 do you suspect a virus problem ? or is it you have no AV installed.

Sorry if the questions sound a little silly,but was wondering why you are using Housecall.

  p;3 23:40 12 Sep 2006

I suspect that there is actually a major glitch with the trend scan engine itself;

  woodchip 23:44 12 Sep 2006

Tried it for p;3 and gave up on it.

skidzy She like to Make sure >>>>>>>............

  skidzy 23:52 12 Sep 2006

Now trying here,will let you know how i get on.

  skidzy 23:55 12 Sep 2006

Mine s scanning at the moment via this link click here seems fine at the moment.

  p;3 00:04 13 Sep 2006

and a pregnant pause before you report back that it has failed........??::))

  skidzy 00:12 13 Sep 2006

click here

Both scans finished ok.

  p;3 00:14 13 Sep 2006

which country are you in?

  skidzy 00:16 13 Sep 2006

UK p;3 running xp sp2

  skidzy 00:18 13 Sep 2006

Just a thought and not sure if relevant,is your javascript enabled ?

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