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  Mosquitoes 13:47 08 Feb 2004

Hi To Everybody your help please,
My Parents are off to travel the World and are planning on getting a lap top to keep in contact with the kids/Grandkids.
1, Could anybody recomend a good laptop not to heavy,plenty of battery life and be able to dock with a mobile phone.
2, what is the best way of getting on the net from abroad they are planning on America Australia and New Zealand, Would it be Mobile Phone, Whats the sort of Costs and who with I guess Vodafone ?
3,Who to get a Email Account with ?
Any Advice Mucho Appreated

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:11 08 Feb 2004

They will undoubtedly get robbed/shafted/mugged/screwed carrying as couple of high price/desirable items. Carrying a laptop from place to place is a regal pain as is sorting out adapters for the whole o'the Globe. Why not get them to use internet cafés? If Baños in Ecuador has one, they are truly worldwide.

Laptop+travel all over the place= double baaaaad idea+ultra high risk of getting screwed. Tell them to sign up for Hotmail (free) and there ya go, Bob's your uncle. They would be bonkers to lug a phone and a laptop around. Whatever happened to post-cards and quick phone calls home or are they so 2003? ;-)))


  Irishman 14:29 08 Feb 2004

Agreed, taking a laptop abroad would be asking for trouble and trying to use a mobile phone as a modem will cost them a fortune. Use an internet cafe as GANDALF <|:-)> says. If they have a digital camera get them plenty of memory for it and they can sort out the pics when they get home or they can use a usb lead in some internet cafes which would allow them to upload pictures to an online picture album. click here
This is still going to be expensive unless the cafe has a high speed link. If they already have internet access here then they can access their e-mails from anywhere in the world with their username or password or alternatively use a Hotmail/Yahoo/Lycos address. If they want to use a mobile phone while in the America's it will have to be a Triband phone and they will probably have to buy another sim card when they get there.

  Mosquitoes 14:54 08 Feb 2004

Hi Thanks for the information,My parents are traveling to fairly safe countries, Usa ,Oz and New Zealand. They are planning on taking a Digi Camera they plan to be away for 3 to 6 Months Hotels,Friends and maybe a winiBago.
And they would like to write a diary of there day to day events and also send back pics of the Sun we would also like to send them pics of the rain so thats why they want a laptop,phone etc.
As before any help Mucho Appreated

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:29 08 Feb 2004

If I was compiling a list of safe countries and having lived there, the USA would be in the 'not very' half. They can set up an account with various on line albums (click here) and post their pics there. Even if they do take a laptop and phone they will have great difficulty in sending pics as they tend to take up huuuuge amounts of bandwidth. As they are visiting fairly civilised countries (except for Oz ;-) ), finding internet cafés with BB connections will be as easy as finding a McDonald's. Not trying to put you off, but why go for a difficult way when there is a mucho cheaper, safer and easier option?


  spuds 16:09 08 Feb 2004

Agree with Gandalf.Every country as its limitations on safety, and lugging things like very noticable laptops and other expensive items around, can bring the villians out in force.Insurances do not always protect you, but that would be your parents choice.

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