transparent image files

  ewebber 17:19 31 Jul 2006

Dear All,
I have built a site that has a vertical gradiated background. I have funders logos that go on the site and have put them bottom left, as the pages are differing lengths I cannot put a one colour background on them. So I used PNG files with alpha layers, which is great to use in firefox and in IE on a mac, but, with IE on a PC the transparent layer shows as a light grey colour. see click here
I have experimented with transparent GIFS, but never have that much luck with them as they always look a bit scrappy, see the same at click here does anyone have any better ways to get around this problem?

  ade.h 17:34 31 Jul 2006

Scrappy how exactly? Apart from the lack of colour depth, GIFs can be as sharp as any format. It's all down to the save settings in your image editor.

I often use PNGs, which support transparency but have colour depth and resolution that are comparable with other formats.

Failing that; if you intend to place the GIF in fixed location relative to the background, you can copy the exact part of the background and use it as part of the image.

  ade.h 17:36 31 Jul 2006

Forgot to mention that my comment about colour depth does not apply to all forms of PNG. Again, it depends what your image editor is capable of.

  ewebber 17:40 31 Jul 2006

hi ade,
the scrappy I meant refers to colour depth. I use Photoshop for my image files, maybe I am missing something in the settings though. The PNGs on that site are PNG24. In this one site, you'll see the images are not fixed, and I want to keep them to the bottom of the page. As the background is gradiated it is slightly different on every page. I can live with the way it is now, but I am interested if there is a better way around it.

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