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  brybob 10:43 16 Feb 2007

Hi. can any one recomend a german to english translation software, a mouse over one would be great. Thank you in advance.

  JayDay 10:49 16 Feb 2007

Try Babelfish click here an on-line translator. Not sure of its accuracy as I'm not a languages kind of person.

  brybob 10:58 16 Feb 2007

Yes, l have tried that one, its not that good it wont translate some of the german words into english, but thanks very much for trying to help.

  Enoch 11:07 16 Feb 2007

Be careful about a PC transalator. A few weeks ago, I had reason to send an email to Spain from the UK. I composed the email, then used a web transalator to convert the message into Spanish. Just before I hit "send", I decided to experiment by transalating my Spanish message back into English. On reading the converted back copy, it actually made no sense whatever. My message to Spain ended up total gobbledegook. I ended up using the phone.

Try it and see first

  brybob 11:17 16 Feb 2007

Thanks Enoch, l don't think l will be sending any text of any kind, its just German text or the instruction kind that l need to understand, if l could just find one like the Google spell checker that sits in the browser and would translate german words to english, well if l could that l might even get the beers in. [might, mind, might.]:-]

  yaesu 11:49 16 Feb 2007

Have you tried this, might work? Not a language buff so can't comment!! Yaesu

  yaesu 11:50 16 Feb 2007

Oh dear! should have included this click here
Rapidly advancing senility is my excuse or maybe to many beers! Yaesu

  brybob 13:06 16 Feb 2007

der drucker ist nicht druckbereit.
This was it's tranlation.

Drucker is not print ready.
now l know der is The and drucker is printer.
so that one is not Very good.
But once again, yeasu thanks for your help.

  anchor 13:08 16 Feb 2007

Another on-line translation service to try:

click here

  brybob 13:33 16 Feb 2007

No failed again.
Looks like l wont find a software thats going to do what l need. So thanks to all.
Regards brybob.

  clock 13:33 16 Feb 2007

Hi brybob,

It was quite amusing to read this as I had the same problem last year! I tried several sites, including Babelfish, but they were all very poor.
I did German at night school for 6 years a few years ago, so resorted to my memory and my large collection of dictionaries! Took ages to do what I wanted but better than the gobbledegook the translator was dishing up.

Good luck,


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