Transfing files between PC's

  supernovae 20:44 14 Feb 2007

I'll be getting a new PC very soon, and I will need to transfer a large amount of files (video, photo's etc) and applications from the old one to the new one.

Could anyone help me with how I do this - what cable(s) do I need, do I need another program etc ?

Many thanks

  VoG II 20:48 14 Feb 2007

Files and settings click here

Programs will need to be installed from CD.

  Jackcoms 20:49 14 Feb 2007

If XP, connect the old and new PCs via crossover cable and then use the Files and Settings transfer wizard.

If not XP, use a USB pen drive to copy from the old PC and paste into the new PC

  the-george 20:50 14 Feb 2007

Simplest method, depending on what hardware you have fitted to old pc, is to backup all your wanted files to Cd or DVD.
That way you dod not need any cables or programs and you can transfer the old files as and when you need them rather than cluttering up the new drive with loads of files that might rarely get used.
Personally, I do this every so often anyway just in case the drive goes kaput. Some of the older files are now backed up several times.
I also have an old hard drive (10gb) fitted into a USB external case and back up to that on a regular basis as well.

  Taff™ 08:40 15 Feb 2007

I would remove the old Hard Disk, change the jumper setting and put it into the new machine as a slave drive. Then simply transfer the files between the drives. As suggested this could be a permanent move to give you a backup drive or , once you`ve got all your data, put the old drive back in the original computer.

How to do it click here

  supernovae 21:13 16 Feb 2007

Thanks for this info. With the size of files involved, I'd like to use a PC to PC cable - one PC will be on XP and one on Vista, will that be a problem?

  Jackcoms 21:16 16 Feb 2007

"will that be a problem?"

I wouldn't have thought so.

I'm not familiar with Vista, but I assume it will have a Files and Settings Transfer wizard like XP

  Taff™ 17:27 18 Feb 2007

Save the cost of the cable (they are in your new computer anyway) - Slave the drive and transfer your data.

  Fingees 17:33 18 Feb 2007

The new Vista contains a program to transfer files.

It worked well on mine.

all the best.

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