Transfers between computers

  lee_robinson1983 12:52 24 Aug 2006

Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone can help. A friend of mine has some media player videos on his old PC that I am trying to put onto my pc, what is the best way of doing this? Should I buy a storage stick or should I get an external hard drive or even an external DVD RW to copy them onto disc? each file is 1GB in size.

Any help is appreciated.


  skidzy 12:56 24 Aug 2006

Most definately an External harddrive,if you buy a 1gb Flash drive you will only be transferring one movie at a time.
Also im sure you will find other uses for the external drive.

  lee_robinson1983 13:28 24 Aug 2006

how much would the external hard drives be? Not looking to spend a large amount as I already have a 320GB hard drive on my computer

  skidzy 13:35 24 Aug 2006

Lee.does your friend have a dvd writer,i know sounds a little silly,but if so...just burn them to a dvd disc and reload them on your system.

click here ideally you would like a firewire version,but the cost goes up quite a bit.

  lee_robinson1983 14:14 24 Aug 2006


No he doesn't, that's why I was thinking about the external dvd writer option. Would this be better than an external hard drive?

  skidzy 14:18 24 Aug 2006

Firstly do you have an internal dvd writer on your system Lee,if so....i really dont see much point in buying another,whereas an external harddrive will be much more handy...especially for backup reasons not to mention the rubbish a normal family pc can collect.

  skidzy 14:21 24 Aug 2006

Sorry,what i meant by normal family pc collecting rubbish....Is if you want to save Documents/Photo's/Movies etc...maybe this would be best on the external harddrive,giving you plenty of room on the main pc and not slowing it down.

  lee_robinson1983 14:37 24 Aug 2006

I see your point skidzy. I think my mate has windows 98 though whereas I have XP and he also has an old version of media player along with not being on the net. Will these factors matter in any way?

  Zion_Lion 14:41 24 Aug 2006

Hi mate... I think that the external HDD sounds like the best idea. At least you'd have something to back your pc up with at the time of a crisis. I couldn't live without my externals now, but then again I have so much stuff to store anyway. you can pick up some cheap 4G memory stick on ebay, a friend of my brought one that I was of a reasonable quality.
It also depends on how many files you’re talking about, by getting an external HDD you will be able to get the job done at once, rather than in a few journeys to your friend. If your machine supports USB2 I would go with that option as USB2 is a tad faster that firewire. Anyway, have fun in your decision making.

Regards ZL

  skidzy 14:54 24 Aug 2006

In respect to Zion_Lion suggestion regarding the speed issue take a look here click here

I doubt your friend has Firewire on his system,so therefore usb will be needed.
Media Player should not create any problems that i know of.

  lee_robinson1983 09:54 25 Aug 2006

Will the older windows version on my mates computer create an issue?

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