transferrng pictures from digi camera to pc proble

  BRUM-WELSH 19:45 15 Apr 2007

i am trying to transfer my pictures from a camera to store on my pc.using FX Foto it says pics imported to a named file but when i look for the file it isnt found!!any ideas greatly appreciated and any other photo software ideas please.
win xp pro,amd athlon 64 3400+.

  skidzy 19:53 15 Apr 2007

Try creating a folder on your desktop,name it (Digi pictures) just an example.

Then point the camera to download to this folder.

Alternatively check within your documents/my received files.

Do you have a memory card and memory card reader,this is the easier route and requires no software to download.

  jack 19:54 15 Apr 2007

The short answer to this is - do not use third part software to transfer images from camera to computer.
If you have load the CD that came with the camera unload it - leave it in the box.

All you have to do is to plug the camera via its cord into a USB slot ensure the camera is switch to UPLOAD[read the manual] and is switched on.
Windows will find the the camera as another drive and put up a window asking you what do you want to do.- you want to save to a folder - so just follow the prompts to the desired destination,

  MAJ 19:59 15 Apr 2007

If you go to Start > Search > For Files or Folders > Pictures, Music or Video, tick the 'Pictures and Photos' box, then click the Search button. All photos on your hard drive will show. If they have been transfered from the camera to the hard drive, you will see them there if you are viewing in Thumbnail view (in the SEarch box, go to View > Thumbnails).

  BRUM-WELSH 20:49 15 Apr 2007

have tried searching all folders but nothing was transfered to the pc but cant find it.when connecting camera again,switched on,nothing!stumped!should i delete the photo software installed?

  jack 20:53 15 Apr 2007

Try this
Start-Search enter *.JPPG
that where I typed star[shift/8] you type the same
This will reveal any jpeg file where ever it lurks/

  jack 20:54 15 Apr 2007

I noticed a typo inmy last 2nd line
JPPG should read JPEG

  BRUM-WELSH 21:14 15 Apr 2007

thanks for all your advice.cheers jack your guaranteee was right.saved the pics to a folder too.1 last question though..havent been happy with FX Foto so would it be better to uninstall it and leave it to windows?many thanks

  Totally-braindead 21:36 15 Apr 2007

Personally I would delete it.

Theres many ways to get at the pictures and to get them on your PC. It depends what YOU prefer.

I open the camera as a removeable hard drive and copy the photos into my pictures but its what you prefer that is the best.

I only really use the free Picassa 2 and faststone image viewer now, they are pretty basic but do the most common tasks. I think both of these programs can import the pictures from the camera if you wish or you could simply let windows import them.
Its what you find easiest and prefer.

  BRUM-WELSH 21:44 15 Apr 2007

still a novice totally.downloaded picassa with the google pack today but havent tried it yet.simpler the better for me totally!!thank you for your advice,will give it a try

  Totally-braindead 13:23 16 Apr 2007

I have photoshop 6 mate. Its wonderful but you have to sit there and learn and it takes ages.
Both Picassa and Faststone do the most common tasks for photos and theres no spending half an hour trying to do this or that and of course they are free.
I've used Photoshop 6 once this year and the others probably a couple of dozen times each. As I said they do all the most common tasks very simply.
I presume you've got the photos off your camera ok and are doing it in a way that suits you. As I said before theres no right way to do it, we are all different, the way I do it and prefer you might find complicated and vice versa.
Happy snapping.

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