Transferring WMV files to DVD disc

  kumo22 14:01 27 Dec 2009

I wanted to transfer some digital video recordings onto a DVD disc as a Christmas present for someone without a PC so that they could put the DVD into a DVD player and watch the recordings. I have neve done this before and could not figure out how to do it.

I transferred the recordings from the mini disc to my PC and they were saved as a WMV file. The difficulty came in trying to save this to a DVD so it could just be viewed on a DVD player. I followed the instructions as best I could using the burning software I have (NTI). I ended up with a Video_TS file on the disc but it could not be viewed on the DVD played.

Any advice please would be appreciated.

  howard64 14:16 27 Dec 2009

you need to finalize the dvd in the pc before it can be played in a dvd player. You also need to know what type[s] of dvd the player can handle. Some will only view 1 type newer ones can view them all. It may well be that for viewing on a dvd player you need the file to be saved in a different format to wmv.

  jamesd1981 16:57 27 Dec 2009

try avi format ive found most dvd players will play in that format.

  kumo22 14:19 28 Dec 2009

Thank you both. This may sound a very basic question but how do you save the file in a different format, whether it is an avi format or something different.

  eedcam 14:36 28 Dec 2009

Just use DVD flick its free nad will convert and burn your WMV files to a proper dvd it will also be finalized automatically
click here

  jamesd1981 00:54 29 Dec 2009

also try format factory 2.20 you can download it free at click here is converts videos pictures and music using almost every format you can think of.

  kumo22 20:39 30 Dec 2009

Thank you. I will try both dvd flick and format factory.

  kumo22 23:23 30 Dec 2009

I've tried DVD Flick but encountered a problem which I hope someone can help me with. Following the guide instructions it is necessary to save an encoded version of the file before burning. I have set up a folder for this and initiated the process only to be informed that there is not enough memory on the drive. The encoding requires 4681 MB and my system is showing 30.46 GB free. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

  eedcam 09:56 31 Dec 2009

Kumo I'v replied to your post in Cavnunet

  EARLR 10:43 31 Dec 2009

Please put your reply here for the rest of us.

  kumo22 13:26 31 Dec 2009

Thank you. Can you please explain how I might access the answer on Cavnunet.

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