Transferring vinyl LP's to CD

  aphrodite42 23:59 06 Oct 2009

I am in the process of transferring my LP's to CD using Audacity. I am saving each track as a separate WAV file and naming it accordingly but when I play the CD in Windows Media Player no track names appear like they do on a bought CD, only Track 1, Track 2 etc. Am I missing something or do the commercial CD's have some special code which identifies the track name?

  beeuuem 01:34 07 Oct 2009

You need to use CDText to name the tracks and to play the CD in a player which can read CD Text, not all of them can write or read CD Text.

  Lhoanerin 11:22 07 Oct 2009

Have you referred to the Audacity help/manual?
If yes you should find a section which covers the labelling of tracks. A bit fiddly so I din't bother when I converted several of my LPs. Not the best advice as I didn't test it fully , but it might, just might do the trick.....?
You could try Roxio Creator 7,5 - but that's not free of course. It does have a very good conversion facility though.....with lots of editing features....

  aphrodite42 20:37 07 Oct 2009

Hi Lazarus, yes this is a continuation of my post on Computeractive forum - guys there were very helpful, just thought I would have a change of scene. I am using Nero as my burning software.
Hi Lhoanerin, I found the Audacity manual very hard to follow but found a tutorial on how to label tracks. It is a bit fiddly as you say but I have persevered and they are saved on the CD but, as I said, they don't show on WMP.

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