Transferring from VHS to DVD

  Granddad Ray 16:28 02 Jan 2006

Follwing the kind advice from pj123 I bought a Liteon 5600. It records very well but I did not realise the record mode was VCD creating only DVD-V and DVD-VR dics. Thse cannot be read on my PC and therefore I can neither edit nor duplicate as I wanted to do. Is there anything I can do. Would any of the many video editing programmes facilitate the reading of VCD files?

  pj123 17:06 02 Jan 2006

Sorry, don't know what you are talking about.

My Liteon is the 5006 not 5600 and it records a perfectly good DVD that can be played back on any DVD Player/Recorder (PC or Standalone) providing it has been "finalised".

  pj123 17:12 02 Jan 2006

Are you sure this is the one you got?

click here

  john-232317 17:21 02 Jan 2006

I have the same, but you must Finalise the disc to use it on other players as you say ;-)

  john-232317 17:23 02 Jan 2006

I copied a film off a VCR with it and did copies with Nero, all were perfect.

  Granddad Ray 17:31 02 Jan 2006

Sorry pj123 - sticky fingers, I have got the 5006. I thought I had finalised the disc. I will try another recording and see how I get on. As is evident from my queries, I am fairly new to anything more sophisticated than word processing and spreadsheets. Thanks for your patience.

  Granddad Ray 17:36 02 Jan 2006

Thanks dadyassa. I found a whole plethora of Nero progammes from the link you kindly provided. Which version do you use and can you edit on it?

  pj123 18:03 02 Jan 2006

You are using DVD disks to record on to and not CDs aren't you????

  jimv7 19:06 02 Jan 2006

you could also buy a stand alone dvd recorder, connect the video to it and copy the video direct to dvd.

  john-232317 20:50 02 Jan 2006

Thats what he did.

Ray put the disc you did back in the recorder, press the guider button on remote and arrow down to finalize and select.

  john-232317 20:54 02 Jan 2006

I use version 6 Nero, the only thing it doesn`t do is make a cup of tea ;-)

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