Transferring .ts files to DVD

  m800afc 14:27 02 Feb 2009

I have a PVR which stores programmes as .ts files. The HDD is nearly full, and I have been instructed by my other half, to make DVDs of the programs she wants to keep, and then erase them from the PVR.
I have transferred the files to my computer and having tried to discover the process for producing DVDs, found the consensus seemed to be that I should convert the .ts files to MPEG-2 and burn, using DVD Flick. This done I find the lip sync is out by about two seconds, in spite of there being no problem with the original. It seems I have to download more software to separate the audio and video, and download even more software to sync and reconvert and burn again. This all seems a frightful waste of time, and considering she has about sixty hours of programmes to do, it is getting out of hand.

Put simply, is there an easy way to put .ts files onto DVDs?

  m800afc 16:23 02 Feb 2009

I should point out that the original file is a single file containing audio and video, for example:

  DippyGirl 12:20 03 Feb 2009

Dont know what PVR you have but this click here describes a method I have used successfully in the past - all be it a while ago,,, there still seems to be new posts on the thread so may not work for you.
Forum is quite active and you may get other ideas to achieve what you want

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