Transferring Tapes To MP3.....Cabling Advice Pse

  Tachum 16:57 12 Aug 2004

Hi Everybody,

Just need some advice on the logistics of transferring my beloved old hippie grooves from audio tape to mp3.

I have an Athlon 64 3000, windows xp running nero 6 as my burning program and Magix Audio Cleaning Lab Deluxe but I do not have an amplifier. How do I transfer the music in the first place?

Can I buy a cable which would run from the audio ports on my ghettoblaster (red and white sockets) into my pc?

I'd really appreciate your help.

Ta Much

  Charence 17:13 12 Aug 2004

Yeah, you can buy a cable with red/white sockets on one end and the headphone type socket on the other end. You can then plug this into your Mic socket on your soundcard and record that way using Nero's Wave Editor. If your ghettoblaster has an optical out and soundcard has optical in, then that would be even better because the quality of the sound will remain as good as the tape.

click here for an oxygen free cable with gold connectors for good sound quality from Argos.


  Tachum 17:19 12 Aug 2004

Hey Charence,

? You're A STAR ?



  johnmathew 20:30 12 Aug 2004

Personally i think these gold coated leads are a rip off and hardly much difference from the non coated ones.bought mine from

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