Transferring Software

  emsie0518 18:52 30 Dec 2005

I have just purchased a new PC and I want to transfer Word, Excel etc to the new one. However, I no longer have the disc with the software on it.
How can I copy the software onto a disc and then install it on my new PC?

  Forum Editor 19:00 30 Dec 2005

You must have the installation disks.

  bluto1 19:30 30 Dec 2005

emsie0518 please forgive me for using your posting to ask FE a question. If I`ve got the required programmes on an HDD can I, assuming space available, transfer that HDD to my new PC? It`s a serious question because I`ve been there but didn`t have available space. Thanks emsie0518

  PaulB2005 19:36 30 Dec 2005

When you install a program you don't just end up dumping a bunch of files to a folder and then run them from there. There are other changes to the registry and the system folders that make copying programs from one hard drive to another almost impossible.

Some smaller programs might work OK but Word, Excel etc certainly won't.

It would be like putting a turbo under the bonnet of your car and not connecting it up to the engine. It won't work.

emsie0518 there might also be licensing issues with you trying to install Office on your new PC.

  DieSse 00:20 31 Dec 2005

Why not try Open Office. This is a free, open source, equivalent to MS Office, and very highly rated. It has some advantages, even - but doesn't possess an Outlook equivalent.

You'll find all your Word and Excel documents will probably open and work right away (all mine did).

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