transferring settings to second computer

  2voddysandapint 13:35 22 Feb 2003

i run win xp pro and intend buying a new system is it pssible to transferr the entire contents of my original system to the new one. as the main reason for the new system is upgrade h/drive and graphics. i am more than happy with they way my present system works and dont want the hassle of spending ages getting the settings and sofware updates reinstalled in the new system

  Peter 13:45 22 Feb 2003


Unless the two systems (old and new) are identical, which would defeat the object of the exercise, it is unlikely.

Have you considered upgrading the hard disk and using Norton Ghost or Drive Image to copy the lot to the new drive? I'm not sure how XP would react to this, perhaps someone more knowledgeable about XP could comment.

You could also upgrade the graphics card, but this would probably entail driver updates.

None of this is too difficult and I'm sure there are many readers here who would be only too willing to give advice.


  jazzypop 13:46 22 Feb 2003

Possible? Yes

Advisable? No

Reason? Your current XP registry is setup to work with the hardware and software in your current PC. The new PC will have different harware, and you will end with a dog's dinner of a system. It is quicker and easier to reinstall.

  rct 13:46 22 Feb 2003

Look at the "Files and Settings Transfer Wizard" Start>Accessories>System Tools

This will only go part way though as you'll still need to reinstall programs/updates etc.

  Peter 09:59 25 Feb 2003


  Peter 22:18 26 Feb 2003


  User-312386 22:23 26 Feb 2003

but you will need about two CD-R's to transfer all relevant data and it does merge the registry with the new one

so i would just re-intstall all programmes onto new computer and back up "Your Data" onto cd-r and then transfer it


  Qmar 01:45 27 Feb 2003

what exactly is the'new system' you refer to buying ?.. if it already has XP on it; its easy surely.. otherwise you'll find getting the drivers is a bottleneck... as madboy33™ has said.

XP has the facility to transfer setting from XP to XP and other Win9x's to XP.(.. it can do this on a prexisting o/s if you use the 'upgrade'version of XP for example.)

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