Transferring saved games in 'The Sims'

  chrismuir 12:07 12 Sep 2004


I am getting a new PC for the house, and my wife wants me to transfer her saved games in the Sims across to it. Which files and/or folders do I need to copy?



  Old Shep 12:26 12 Sep 2004

Can't find a saved games folder in mine. If you go to your Sims folder (mine is c/program files/the sims)have a look in there. You could always copy the lot and then when you get your new computer install the sims and then drag and drop your copy into that folder. It should then ask you each time if you want to overwrite files that are already installed and that 'should work'. Good Luck

  Brazils 12:33 12 Sep 2004

Install all you Sims games on the new PC then transfer your UserData files to the C:\Program Files\Maxis\Sims folder. I assume the game is installed at the default location and your hard drive is "C". Don't delete the originals until this is working OK

The UserData files are usually numbered. E.G. UserData, UserData2, UserData3 etc.

I expect this to work, and do not forsee any problems. Also Try the Sims website.

Good Luck

  boo_hiss_boo 13:27 12 Sep 2004

I agree with Brazils. I had to try to transfer the sims game data for my daughter when I got a new pc and it is indeed the userdata files that hold this info.

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