Transferring programme file across LAN network

  greybeard 14:45 08 Apr 2008

I have two desktops running win98se, connected by a wired LAN, and transfer data files across successfully.
I now wish to transfer a small .exe file across, but it denies access.
If I drag the file across, (in windows explorer) it changes to a shortcut. If I copy, or try a Zip file it gives me the Network access denied window.

File/properties/attributes all unchecked.

Grateful for help.

  Ditch999 14:53 08 Apr 2008

Anti virus stopping it?

  keef66 15:18 08 Apr 2008


  greybeard 15:35 08 Apr 2008

Sorry, I should have added that both pcs are not connected to the net.
I'll make a further check for any residual possibilities like that, but I doubt if that's the answer.
Thanks anyway,

  greybeard 16:08 08 Apr 2008

I've gone into the legacy IE folder and lowered the security setting on both to low. Restarted both pcs, and reconnected the LAN wire, but no change.

  steve stifler 16:23 08 Apr 2008

can you transfer the installer?
Im assuming its an app that isnt installed,so doesnt know what the exe is for.?
sorry if wide of the mark.

  Ditch999 16:28 08 Apr 2008

If you feel like tinkering try this after backing up (will it not fit on a floppy etc?):

Go to Run and type Regedit

Go to the following keys:



In the right hand pane of each key you will see for example "NoRun". Simply double click on it and give it a value of 0 instead of 1. Giving the restrictions a value of zero will "release" them.


  greybeard 16:29 08 Apr 2008

No separate installer as far as I know.
The prog is Iso-Burner from "Active at iso file image burning", an L-soft Tech. prog.

  brundle 16:29 08 Apr 2008

IE's security settings have no effect on NetBIOS networks. Does it happen with any/all .exe and .zip files?

  brundle 16:31 08 Apr 2008

Try renaming the file.

  greybeard 16:35 08 Apr 2008

Hi Ditch.
No floppy drive on the 1st pc where the prog is, hence the bit of wire stretched across the room.

I've just found a usb flash drive, which, if I download the driver on my xp internet laptop, and can then get it to work on both pcs, should be a workaround for the moment.

However, it would be nice to solve the original problem, of why do some files that I've made transfer ok, but this little (600Kb)prog. not ?

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