Chrissy R 10:37 28 Jun 2008

Before changing over to BT when I loaded the SD card from my camera into the slot in my pc the pictures came up straight away on my monitor. Now nothing happens - could it be something to do with the change over and does anyone know how i can put it right? Have Kodak software installed on my pc but never had to go into it before and when i tried today cant see anything on it about downloading from the SD card.
Chrissy R

  tullie 11:12 28 Jun 2008

Wouldent have thought that it was anything to do with your ISP,it can be done wheather your online or not.Does your card show up in "my computer"?

  ICF 14:11 28 Jun 2008

Right click the SD card icon im my computer and select properties.Then select an action to perform and choose open folder to view file......

  jack 16:57 28 Jun 2008

That's for sure.

Unload- the Kodak software - The best place for most camera supplied software is in the box it came in.
Restart the computer.
Insert the card and Windows should see it and put up the Scanner/Camera Wizard with a series of options for you to do.
Windows can do this with out help
If you are getting Zilch
Go to Start/Control Panel/System/Device manager
and take a look at USB devices see if there is a yellow comment icon showing - [indicating a problem]
Do that and come back with your answer- We'll take it from there

  Chrissy R 20:38 28 Jun 2008

Jack - Have done what you said and gone into device manager. Only thing i can see on there that may be relevant is 'USBNULL HP008'. No yellow icons. Any ideas?
Chrissy R

  Chrissy R 20:44 28 Jun 2008

Tullie & ICF - Have looked on 'my computer' - sd card not showing up (if it should actually say 'SD Card'). What is on there is 'Devices with removable storage'. Under that heading are the following 'DVD - RW Drive (D:) & DVD Drive (E:)
Chrissy R

  peter99co 22:36 28 Jun 2008

Is it possible to reformat the card in the camera.

You will lose any photos on the card if you do (reformat) of course.

Have you another SD card to try in the reader?

Can you try the SD card in a friends machine and save the photos on a pendrive?

  tullie 12:37 29 Jun 2008

Can you plug camera into pc,transfer photoes,and then reformat the card?

  jack 13:54 29 Jun 2008

Do not format the card at this stage.

From what you saw in Device manager there appears to be no problem there.

From what you describe My Computer screen shows it may be you are misreading something or the Icon reference have gone askew.
A standard PC would show drives
A[floppy now going out of fashion so may be not on a recent machine.]
C the primary drive where all the data is.
D the CD/DVD drive.
That is it
Any others will be
E an additional CD drive if there is one or[ and this is the thing] any other drive with removable media - an SD card for example
So if you have but one CD drive [D] then E is the
SD drive
Try it [put card in slot and try to open it]
If it works then I/we will show you how to rename the drive.

  Chrissy R 17:59 29 Jun 2008

Jack - Have tried opening Drive E and it comes up with 'please insert disc' even though i have already put SD card in.

peter99co - dont want to lose my pictures. Have not got another card. Will have to try in another machine.

tullie - will look for cable (if I have one) to connect camera directly to pc.

Will keep you all posted. Thanks.
Chrissy R

  jack 18:12 29 Jun 2008

Jack - Have tried opening Drive E and it comes up with 'please insert disc' even though i have already put SD card in.
Confirm -Do you have more than one CD/DVD drive?.

Take a look in here.

Go to Start/Control Panel/Admin Tools/computer management/storage/ disk management[local]
This lists all disks and if loaded what is there.
Do this and come back

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