transferring phonebook from MotorolaV500 to LGU880

  cherie 21:23 23 Apr 2006

Help! I've been trying to help my non-techno husband to transfer his phonebook from one phone to the other. Now I'm losing patience too as it would have been quicker to type them all in again!! We've installed the phone tools for each phone onto the computer but have not been able to do anything constructive with them. Has anyone any ideas???

  Rtus 21:31 23 Apr 2006

As far as I remember(thats a long shot nowadays)loading the sim with numbers is easy then needs to transfer to the phone on setup as LG numbers are generally on line (phone , not stored on sim)That was how we did my daughters LG8120.she didnt keep it long as it spent more time in repair shop than in use..They may have changed this on your model

  Diodorus Siculus 21:33 23 Apr 2006

I know little about such things but I was under the impression that you copy the addresses from the phone to the sim card, then vice versa.

Maybe... maybe not...

  Rtus 21:34 23 Apr 2006

Sorry I forgot to mention .I use sim cad reader to transfer nums across .it keeps same format no matter what brand phone.

  Rtus 21:34 23 Apr 2006

CAD . nay Card .. cant this computa spell .

  cherie 21:37 23 Apr 2006

Thanks to those good souls trying to help but we've been down those tracks already!! The card reader wouldn't recognise the Sim card!!

  Diodorus Siculus 21:39 23 Apr 2006

Does that phone have the option to "send business card"? Can get expensive but at least it will work...

  cherie 21:41 23 Apr 2006

Where would I find that out?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:57 23 Apr 2006

When you have a contact in the address book, see if it is under one of the options.

I've little experience of such things but maybe someone else can help

  cherie 22:10 23 Apr 2006

Thanks,Diodorus Siculus! You helped us inadvertently! We managed to find a way of doing it when we tried what you suggested. It wasn't exactly the way you described but it put us on the right track:)

  Diodorus Siculus 01:24 24 Apr 2006

That's me - the accidental helper! Good to hear that it's done.

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