Transferring old hard drive to new PC

  clingwrap 19:23 30 Mar 2004

A friend has installed my Seagate HD(complete with data, NTFS) from my old computer to my new one as primary slave drive. The drive is recognised in the Bios, and shows up in Disk Management as HEALTHY and ACTIVE, but cannot be seen in Windows Explorer. Any ideas as to how I can access my files? I want to drag and drop them onto my new hard drive.

  Rayuk 19:46 30 Mar 2004

Is your new pc NTFS? if its Fat32 it wont be able to see data on your old drive.

  clingwrap 19:58 30 Mar 2004

Yes it is.

  navvyman 20:09 30 Mar 2004

Interesting thread as I want to do something similar. Would it be simpler to put the HD back into the old PC and connect them together in some way? Perhaps that is the new question - what is the quickest and easiest (and I guess, cheapest) way of hooking two PCs together?

  Rayuk 20:12 30 Mar 2004

You can convert your fat32 to ntfs without losing any data,you can then transfer any data from your old drive to new one.

I would assume you are on WinXP on your new pc.

  clingwrap 20:14 30 Mar 2004

That's plan B, navvyman, and it may well be that I end up getting a file transfer cable. I'd like to avoid this as the drive was well and truly wedged into my old PC, and I may have trouble putting it back.

Meanwhile, as I've excuted Plan A, I'd like to persevere...

  Rayuk 20:14 30 Mar 2004

Sorry misread that then,your new pc is ntfs.
Can you see it in My Computer?

  clingwrap 20:20 30 Mar 2004

Rayuk - thanks for your input. Time to admit that I'm not very technical, so please bear this in mind. Old PC WinXP, same OS for new PC.

I've said drive C on my new PC is NTFS, but there are a couple of partitions (one hidden), which are FAT32. (The computer came with OS and programmes pre-installed.) Could this be the problem?

And no, I can't see the old HD from My Computer.

  Rayuk 20:32 30 Mar 2004

If you look again in Disk Management,does it say in the left column that the disk is "online"

  clingwrap 20:35 30 Mar 2004

Yes it does.

  Rayuk 20:37 30 Mar 2004

Also does it have a drive letter? if not right click on it and assign it one ie M[for now]

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