Transferring old files to my new PC - please help!

  Louisag 15:59 15 Nov 2004

I have bought a lovely new laptop, but am having trouble transferring files over from my old ancient PC. My new laptop is running Windows XP, the old PC is running Windows 95 (yes, I know!), and has a 1GB hard drive, with all my files for the last 7 years on it.

So far I have tried the PC to PC serial cable method, but my lovely new laptop has practically everything except a serial port, and the cable I bought to turn a USB port into a serial port didn't work. I then swapped the cable for a new internal CD rewriter drive for my old PC, but although I can get the new CD drive to read CDs, the software that came with it to burn CDs doesn't want to run in Windows 95.

Can someone recommend some freeware/shareware/cheap Windows 95 CD Burner software that I could download, or is that a function that just wouldn't be supported in Windows 95? If not, my old PC does have two USB ports, is there an external storage device/rewriter/network card or something that is supported by Windows 95 that isn't too expensive that I could buy (I only really need it for this one operation, as my new laptop has lots of lovely bells and whistles, it just doesn't have a serial port!!!). Alternatively is there some sort of USB cable thing I could do, that would run on both XP and 95?

Please help, it's driving me spare that I have this nice new pristine PC that I can't use!!!


  Sethhaniel 16:02 15 Nov 2004

and transfer across that way ?? ;)

  Danoh 16:08 15 Nov 2004

As your old PC has USB ports (probably old USB 1.0 but perhaps 1.1), you can always buy USB pen drives (a.k.a. USB Falsh Drives) which although all USB 2.0, are backward compatible.

I have USB pen drives of 256 Mb and 512 Mb; the later is getting close to half the capacity of your old PC's HDD of 1 Gb.

After you have transferred your old files, the USB pen drives will continue to be useful on your NEW laptop :-)

Do a Google on "USB Flash Drives" or "USB Pen Drives".

Hope that helps.

  Danoh 16:20 15 Nov 2004

Snap, Sethhaniel! Didn't see your post as I was (mis-)typing mine.


Web sites googled are;
click here
click here

However, I got mine from Costco; £ 42.29 incl VAT for 512Mb, £ 28.19 for 256Mb

To help transfer your data over, try here for step by step & screen shots of using Windows file & transfer wizard; click here

Its stage 3 out of a total of 6 relating to changing over from Windows 9x to XP.

  anchor 16:27 15 Nov 2004

USB support in Windows 95 is very limited, (to say the least). It depends upon the version; very few do.

click here

click here

  TomJerry 16:35 15 Nov 2004

most usb pen memory stick do not have driver for win95, so not good.

what you need is usb data transfer cable to link two PCs together, cosst £6.

will post link next post.

  TomJerry 16:41 15 Nov 2004

usb file transfer cable from ebuyer for £5.58 click here

  Carpigiani 16:48 15 Nov 2004

Disc Juggler v4 is compatible with Windows 95,
There is a free demo version available from click here it will be slow though as the demo version is limited to 1x writing.
I am sure it has been included on PC Advisor cover discs, so if you have any lying around have a look you just might be lucky.

  Diemmess 16:48 15 Nov 2004

It should be possible to find the right drivers to let you burn CDs with your shiny new burner. That seems the simplest way, since you already have the hardware.

If you go the USB route and can find an adapter for your serial port on the old PC to USB, check first..
click here
Some earliest versions of 95 it seems don't want to know about USB

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