Transferring to new PC

  Gordal 14:31 17 Dec 2005

Hope you can help please. My Son is buying a new PC (hopefully next week), which like the old one will run XP SP2.

Is it possible to effectively transfer complex games, run for some time and over the Internet, and also a Website - these things have been created by my Grandson and if your opinion is "no" will mean loads of work to re-install on the new PC and "work up" to their present state. I hope you sill suggest it is possible as the effort G/Son put into creating his website was considerable.

I have long thought that data can be transferred from one PC to another, but I have doubts about our current wishes. A major problem surely has to be the Registry which will no doubt have stored 'the roots' of the boy's efforts, and I can't see how they can be extracted and transferred.

Possible? Not possible? Any help or advice will be gratefully received.

  vinnyT 15:02 17 Dec 2005

Re the games Q, you will have to install the game to the new pc, for the reasons you mention above. However, if you look in the folder the game in installed to ie d:\serious sam 2\ somewhere in the subfolders there will be a folder called savedgames (or such like). Copy all the files in this folder to cd/dvd/ext.HD.

When you've installed the game to the new pc, just reverse the procedure and copy to the new pcs savedgames folder, (you may have to create this folder as some games do not make it untill a game has been saved, so make a note of the exact location/name of the original.)

Data can be transferred from pc-pc but actual applications such as word/games often need to be installed fresh to allow the correct entries into the reg.

Hope this helps.

  bobbybowls 15:11 17 Dec 2005

when uploading web site there should be an option for local save, which saves the web site to a backup folder. copy this to new pc. web design software will have to be reloaded then saved site imported to it.

  Gordal 14:32 18 Dec 2005

My thanks to vinnyT and to bobbybowls for your helpful advices.

The position is as I assumed - thanks again.

  vinnyT 13:00 19 Dec 2005


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