Transferring MP3 files that are too large!!

  tAtu*! 16:38 31 Dec 2006

Hi Everyone

Can anyone tell me a way I can transfer 1500 mp3's from my desktop PC to my Laptop? I have about 6GIG of mp3's. I nt have a DVD writer or a flash drive. Putting these files on CD would end up being timely and costly.

Can the files be 'changed' to data files then changed back to to MP3's? meaning I could fit more tracks on a CD?

Any help would be appreciated!! Happy new year to you all


  ICF 16:47 31 Dec 2006

Rewrite CD's or connect the two computers up with cable

The files are already data files and can not be made any smaller without losing quality.Even winzip or winrar won't really make any difference

  Totally-braindead 16:47 31 Dec 2006

The size of the MP3 files is 6 gig you say, therefore you need 6 gig of space to back them up. A CD takes approx 650 mb therefore you could put them on approx 10 CDs and that is if they are burnt as DATA, if you burnt them as audio you would get approx 25 tracks per CD as the burner would convert them back to audio files and would need a hell of a lot of CDs.

  tAtu*! 16:54 31 Dec 2006

Thanks for that,

ICF...... What cable would i use to connect the desktop to the Laptop? Would a USB be ok???


  Confab 16:57 31 Dec 2006

something like this

click here

  Confab 17:00 31 Dec 2006

Do NOT connect the two computers via the USB ports with an ordinary USB cable or you'll end up with no computers at all!!

Use something like I've posted above


  AndySD 17:06 31 Dec 2006

Or just by a 1 gig flash drive for @ £12 to£14 from Tesco's or PC World

  tAtu*! 17:07 31 Dec 2006


I will order one now!!!


  Totally-braindead 17:08 31 Dec 2006

I think AndySD has a reasonable cost effective solution if you don't want to use CDRs or CDRWs.

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