Transferring large files to a friend - quickly

  brge 12:45 15 Jun 2004

Is there an effective way I can send large files 700mb+ quickly and effectivly???

  johnnyrocker 12:49 15 Jun 2004

depends on a number of factors ie your connection speed, the recipients connection speed, both os, depending on the answers to those one might be able to make some sort of useful suggestion.


  brge 12:53 15 Jun 2004

We both have 500plus broadband and pretty much brand new processors

  mammak 13:01 15 Jun 2004

brge how about a file splitter' there are load's
free and payed one's on the net,
type it into google search it will come up with loads for you. Regard's Mammak

  Confab 13:21 15 Jun 2004

If you both use Outloook Express you can configure it to split any file into "chunks" of say 500k (or whatever size you determin). This will get around any server restriction limits. The 500k "chunk" files will be sent individually and then reconfigured into one large file on the recipients PC.

If you don't use Outlook Express then you'll have to split the file as mammak says

  mammak 13:34 15 Jun 2004
  anchor 13:51 15 Jun 2004

In view of the very large file sizes, I would suggest either Yahoo, (or MSN Messenger) is the best and simplest way. You would have to arrange to be on line at the same time, and both have, or sign up, for Yahoo or MSN Passport, accounts, which are free.

I have done this with friends in the USA without problem. Bear in mind that upload speeds, even with broadband, are slower than download speeds.

I would doubt that any mailboxes would allow such large files, even if you split them. 700+Mb is much too big.

  Stuartli 14:09 15 Jun 2004

In the post on a CD-R or CD-Rs?

  Ironman556 14:24 15 Jun 2004

I'd use ICQ, MSN limits your upload/download speeds, and can drop connections occasionally when transfering files.

You may want to split the file anyway, I would that way if your transfer fails for any reason you won't lose the whole file. Sending many smaler files can be a pain, but better than sending 698Mb and then failing. I think also ICQ has the option to reasume dropped up/downloads, it's poped up for me occasionally but only seems to ask if you'd like to resume when it feels like it.

  Ironman556 14:25 15 Jun 2004

PS. I use this, "The file splitter"
click here

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