Transferring HDD

  ElayEss 16:12 05 Mar 2009

I have been given a PC which has two HDD, a 40GB (Boot disk running Win XP Pro) and a 20GB.
An old PC that I have, has a 40GB HDD running Win XP Pro. I would like to replace the 20GB Drive with the old 40GB one, but making it a slave, so I would need to get rid of the OS to avoid any confusion with the boot-up.
Can I format it in situ, on the old PC, then transfer it to the 'new' one, or do I have to install it in the 'new' PC as is then format it from there?
Some instructions would be appreciated whichever way is suggested.

  MAJ 16:25 05 Mar 2009

There wont be any confusion with the boot up, so long as you have the old 40gig drive set as Slave in the new PC. Why not keep all three drives in there, you have room for three hard drives and one optical drive in the new PC.

To answer your question, it's easier to format the drive when it is installed in the new PC.

  gazzaho 17:22 05 Mar 2009

If you decide to install the 3 drives make sure the optical drive is set to slave and the drive you are installing is set to master. You might also have to install the hard drive onto the end socket of the ribbon cable and the optical drive onto the middle socket of the ribbon cable, in order for them to work.

  ElayEss 21:05 05 Mar 2009

Thanks for that, I have a CD-RW and a DVD-RW installed, so I will only be using the 2x40GB hard drives. It was just that I was wanting to know the best way to format the second 40GB hard drive.
You suggest with the new pc, MAJ, is that via the Control Panel?

  MAJ 21:10 05 Mar 2009

No, via, "My Computer", ElayEss, just double-click on "My Computer" to open it and show your drives, then right-click on the drive you want to format and choose "Format". Make sure you have any files you want to keep from the drive backed up first as the format will completely wipe the drive.

  ElayEss 21:16 05 Mar 2009

Thank Maj.

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