Transferring Hard Drive From Old Computer

  GAOEG 20:48 20 Mar 2007

Can someone please help me to do something I thought would be easy, but is proving not to be?

I recently bought a new computer as the old Evesham running 98se on a MS-6340 mobo has packed up and I think it's terminal. I had backed up my work to a second HD running as slave and I want to transfer this data to the new machine (Xp on Asus M2N8-VMX mobo).

First I tried an external USB enclosure, but the system will not recognise the new USB device, and most annoyingly, keeps producing a flag every few minutes to tell me so and I am unable to stop it.

So I have now tried putting the drive inside on the IDE cable as master to the DVD slave. Amazingly, on start up the screen went straight into the 98 configuration with an Evesham wallpaper and started scandisk, which I cancelled and it then went on to look for drivers for the various components. I wasn't happy for it to install itself like that in case it affected the OS or mobo, but couldn't stop it only by pulling the plug. The amazing part is that I didn't know the 98 os was on that drive as I have only ever copied My Docs and My Pics to it.

I took the drive out again and now all appears back to normal, but now I don't know how to retrieve my data. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. G

  Legolas 21:12 20 Mar 2007

put it in as a slave drive on the same cable as the HD with the OS on it, you will be able to see all the data and retrieve anything you need

  Terry Brown 21:15 20 Mar 2007

You should have an option to select the drive you want to boot from (mine is F5), alternatly go into the bios and change the boot sequence to boot from the XP disk.

  GAOEG 21:29 20 Mar 2007

Can't do that; drive in new m/c is SATA whilst old drive is IDE; that's why I had to put it with the DVD.
Thanks, I'll look at the BIOS as I don't have any other options: it just goes straight into 98.

  MAJ 21:33 20 Mar 2007

Try putting the Sata drive on IDE1 as Master and the old drive on IDE1 as slave, assuming the SATA has an IDE connection.

  Pamy 21:51 20 Mar 2007

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  GAOEG 22:22 20 Mar 2007

no can't do that mobo only has one IDE socket and HD is SATA only with power socket where the IDE socket is on the old HD.
mobo does have a spare SATA socket so could try the adaptor as a last resort, but before buying that I would prefer to get the external case to work as that is a better location for a back up device, which this would be. I just tried putting the drive internally in order to offload the data before formatting and using it externally. I naivly thought that would be a quick and easy thing.

  GAOEG 19:54 21 Mar 2007

Problem solved.

Terry your hunch was correct: I went into BIOS and on the Main page the old IDE drive had been recognised and described with the IDE devices being listed before the SATA ones. From the Boot page the Boot Disk Priority was showing three items; Floppy, IDE HD and D/DVD. I changed the IDE HD to the SATA HD and rebooted, but it still booted into 98 from the IDE drive. It appears that it boots from all the IDE devices before trying the SATA ones.

I tried again, this time going into Hard Disk Drives and,sure enough, "1st Drive" was showing the IDE and "2nd Drive" the SATA. I changed these over and the next reboot was back on XP from the SATA drive.

The IDE drive now shows as H drive with all my stuff from the old machine there and ready to retrieve. Brilliant.

Many thanks to all those who took the trouble to offer help. It is much appreciated and I have learned a bit more.

Regards, G

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