Transferring folders from back-up

  frybluff 11:19 23 Apr 2012

Is there any way to transfer individual folders, from a backup of an old laptop, to add to a new laptop?

I have a back-up of my old laptop, on external hard drive. Because of a problem, on my new laptop, I lost most of the data, which I originally brought over, from my old one. Most of the lost data is not important, but it would be nice to retrieve things like music, and photos. I still have a full back-up of the old one.

If I "view files" on my ext HD, it just shows the back-up as "an item". Is there a way to "locate", say, the music folder, on that, and ADD (not replace) that to the music folder, on the new laptop?

Sorry for asking what may be a "stupid question"

Many thanks.

  mgmcc 12:10 23 Apr 2012

You don't say what software was used to create the backup, but generally the software that creates a backup in a proprietary format also includes its own "explorer" so that you can access folders/files within the backup archive.

This would mean installing the software with which the backup was created in the new Laptop. Norton Ghost, for example, had its own Explorer and with Acronis True Image, the .tib file can be mounted as a separate drive in the PC, provided the program is installed.

  finerty 14:48 23 Apr 2012

have tried copying and pasting using a pen drive.b4 u jump to acronis

  frybluff 21:51 25 Apr 2012

The back up is one just done using Windows Backup (7).

I obviously don't want to "Restore". What I want to do is take, say, the "Music" folder, from that backup, and ADD it to the Music folder, on the new laptop.

I note that if I right click on the back up, one of the options is "Restore to a new folder". If I do that, would I then be able to search for the folders I want, copy them across, and then delete the rest?

When I originally tried to transfer data, I used Windows Easy Transfer, which appeared to cause all sorts of problems, on my new laptop. In the end, I had to re-install the operating system. Whilst I would like to salvage my old data, I don't want to risk those problems again. I would rather lose the data, unless I can find a SAFE way to transfer it.

  lotvic 22:45 25 Apr 2012

Never done it for W7 but from what I've read, I think the "system image" is stored in the .vhd format that can be mounted and browsed but the daily/incremental files backups are stored in multiple .zip files. See if this helps ClickHere and Here

  john bunyan 12:38 27 Apr 2012

This exactly why I prefer to back up all my data under one master folder using Freefilesynch or Synchtoy to make a "mirror image" copy of my data to another HD daily.

IMHO imaging is OK for system backup but cumbersome for data.I would have all system / programmes on one partition and data on another.

  Zeppelyn 21:53 30 Apr 2012

John Bunyan is correct about the data backup, easiest way to retieve what you want is to go to Disk Management and under Action, select Attach VHD and then browse to your .vhd back up file and select it. It will be mounted as a virtual drive with its own letter. You can then see everything and copy what you need. Go back to Disk Management when you have finished and right click the virtual drive to dismount it. Alternatively as you say you browse and retrieve using Windows backup, it gives you the option to tick just the folders you wish to retrieve.

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