Transferring to folder in ipod touch from overdrive media consol

  sheila.weston 15:05 13 Jan 2012

I am transferring an audiobook, downloaded from our local library site, to my ipod touch. How do I transfer to the audiobooks folder? The little window of the transfer wizard shows Title, Player and Folder. The folder just has '\' alongside it, but it isn't possible to change this. In the itunes window of the laptop under 'my ipod' there IS a folder marked 'audiobooks', but I can't put that into the transfer wizard window.

Any ideas, please?

  onionskin 00:58 14 Jan 2012

After you press the 'Transfer' button and click 'Next', the window that opens has an 'Advanced Options' button - click this and you can enter the file path in the box, or click the 'Browse' button and navigate to the folder you want to save to, click on it then press 'OK'. Don't bother with the 'Make New Folder' option, it creates a new folder but doesn't put your book in it.

More information here.

  sheila.weston 10:22 14 Jan 2012

Ah. But my window hasn't got an advanced button. You 'select all' and 'start' and then it starts transferring.

  onionskin 12:18 14 Jan 2012

That's odd. I'm using Overdrive Media Console V3.2.1.0. It has 3 buttons in a row, 'Select All', 'Deselect All' and 'Advanced Options'. Maybe it's something to do with Media Player, I'm using V.11.

Can't you just transfer the files, then move them to the audiobooks folder?

  onionskin 13:00 14 Jan 2012

Have you considered getting an mp3 player just for audiobooks and using the iPod for music?

Have a look at These. They are the new models, you might be able to get one of old ones fairly cheap on Amazon. The names are confusing, the Clip Zip used to be the Clip and the Clip+ used to be the Fuze, (I think!).

I've got a Fuze+, it's very good for music and audiobooks, though it took a while to get used to it. Not everyone is delighted with it though, have a read of the forums if you think you might like one. Ignore the posts from before the firmware update which seems to have solved most of the problems.

  sheila.weston 15:45 15 Jan 2012

Thank you for your replies. Odd about the missing 'advanced' option. My version is My Windows media Player DRM version is Windows Media Player is 11.0.6002.18311. I'll have to accept it as it is, I think. It is no great problem, just a slight annoyance that I can't put it into the audiobooks folder, particularly as there is a folder under sheila's ipod in the itunes window. I got the ipod especially for audiobooks from the local library and find it fantastic otherwise. I don't listen to music!

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