Transferring Files From One Computer To Another

  Binoboy 18:10 07 Mar 2005

I want to transfer around 400Mb of files from one computer to another. The problem is that the one the files are on doesn't have a CD-R drive. Normally I would use MSN Messenger but for some reason it won't allow me to sign on on one computer (it says there is no connection)!

Basically I want to know if there's a program I can install on both or one computer that would let me send it to the other.

  VoG II 18:12 07 Mar 2005
  mattyc_92 18:13 07 Mar 2005

You COULD use "ChainSaw" and cut it up in 1 meg chunks, but that would take alot of floppies....

If one of then is using WinXP, then you can use the "File and Settings Transfer Wizard" (provided you have the correct cable to use to attach the 2 systems

  The BB 18:47 07 Mar 2005

might even be worth just unplugging the hard disk and putting it in as a slave and copying the stuff. Say 30 minutes to pull it out, put it in out and in and not long to copy - less than an hour. Using floppies or broadband could take a day or two!

If worried about the hard disk drive, could always burn a CD for back up and just move the CD drive ... remember though, if it has no access to back up media what will you do if it goes pop and loses all that data!!

But a simple cross over cable for under a tenner and network them would, as mattyc_92 suggests be best.

  Chezdez 18:55 07 Mar 2005

yeah, i'd say that buying a £5-10 crossover(568A standard), cat-5e cable would probably be the easiest way to do this

  Binoboy 20:37 07 Mar 2005

Only one of the computers has XP and they are not networked as far as I know (although they are both on the same wireless internet connection). So that isn't working.

I don't think my flat mate would appreciate me dismantling his computer without his knowledge and I dont have the confidence to do that anyway.

There must be some web based program that allows me to send files?? If MSN Messenger can do it surely something else can!?

  VoG II 20:40 07 Mar 2005

If you follow my click here only one PC needs to be running XP and you just need aa cable to connect them.

Tried Yahoo Messenger? click here

  Binoboy 20:49 07 Mar 2005

I have Yahoo Messenger but there doesn't appear to be a file sharing/transfering option. Unfortunately I don't have a cable to connect the PCs and they are in different rooms on a wireless network.

  VoG II 21:23 07 Mar 2005

click here 14 day trial. Should be long enough for 400 MB!

  Binoboy 21:24 07 Mar 2005

If that works you are a legend!

  Buchan 35 21:40 07 Mar 2005

Let us know if it works for you, cheers.

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