Transferring Files from old hard drive via USB ada

  Smason 07:03 09 Nov 2008

I have recently purchased a new pc with Vista installed but would like to transfer data from my old hard drive. As my old PC power supply is bust I have removed the HDD and was comtemplating using a USB Hard Drive Adapter? Is this straightforward enough to do? I appreciate any advice!

  Taff™ 09:15 09 Nov 2008

Should be straight forward enough. I suggest you buy an enclosure (Caddy) which will be useful to use the old HDD as an external hard disk for back ups. click here

The other option is to borrow another PSU for your existing machine to get it working temporarily and use Vista`s Windows Easy Transfer to move all your data and settings to the new computer. You could save the data file to the existing HDD, then put it in the caddy and transfer from there to the new Vista Machine.

  jack 12:05 09 Nov 2008

I have two each with a used drive for backing up stuff.
I also have an IDE/USB cable and power supply.
Here you simply sit the old drive on a flat surface, plug it up and away you go.
With this I can access any number of drives

click here

  Smason 12:13 09 Nov 2008

Thanx guys. Will buy an adapter abd caddy and see how I get on from there. Watch this space :)

  Smason 16:47 10 Nov 2008

guys, thanx for the tip about the caddy. Got one and have downloaded all my photos and docs. Does anyone have any idea how I can find my emails from my Outlook express account as I can't find them anywhere?

  Taff™ 06:51 11 Nov 2008

They`re in a hidden folder and are .dbx files. Open Windows Explorer and go to Tools>Folder Options and View tab. Under advanced settings select "show hidden foldes" and untick "Hide file extensions of known file types"

Then do a search for "*.dbx" files on your C drive. (Without the quotes of course) Save them to a fol;der location on your new drive and then import them into Live Mail.

  Smason 19:10 12 Nov 2008

Thanx Taff. Have found the files and moved them to folder on new PC but when I try to import them to windows mail it can't find them. Even when I open the folder it says that there are no files found? Any Ideas?

  FreeCell 19:46 12 Nov 2008

Try copying the .dbx files to your desktop and importing from there.

  Smason 07:30 15 Nov 2008

Thanx for all the help with this. Finally managed to transfer everything i needed.

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